• Student Device Troubleshooting and Help Guides

    Sometimes, devices start to glitch and need some additional care. Please do not open the device up to attempt hard drive/battery repair or reset/wipe the device to try and fix an issue. If the device cannot be fixed using basic troubleshooting, the device will be swapped for a working device.

    Below are some common issues: 

    Headphone / Mousepad / Touchscreen Issue

    First, try restarting the device. Students are supposed to shut their device down at the end of the school day, but many just close the top. Shutting down and restarting a device (laptop, phone, gaming system) allows for the device to diagnose and repair any broken or buggy codes. 

    If restarting the device does not help, check for Windows Updates. Microsoft pushes out patches and quality fixes all the time, so it is good practice to have your child check for updates at least once a week. Please note that automatic updates are turned off for all student devices due to bandwidth issues on the FCS network. That is why devices do not automatically perform the necessary updates. 

    If an update does not fix the issue, your child will need to submit a Device Help Ticket at school. Students either fill out the online form or they can come to the media center to fill out a paper copy. Parents and teachers are not responsible for submitting Device Help Tickets. 

    Blue Screen / Stuck in Restart

    Unfortunately, this typically means the device's hard drive is about to crash, and there is not anything that can be done except for a swap. Your child will need to submit a Device Help Ticket at school. 

    Teams Issue

    Always check for Windows Updates first. Once the updates have completed, update the Teams app. The updates will load even if your child is in a Teams meeting. Once the updates are completed, your child may be prompted to restart the Teams app to finish processing the updates. 

    Classlink Issue

    Please let your child's teacher know if they cannot get logged into Classlink or if they are missing any necessary apps in Classlink. Your child's teacher will then submit an IT Service Ticket to get the issue fixed. Please note that new students take 48 - 72 hours to load into Classlink.