12th Grade Sr. Night Replay

11th Grade: Information for Junior, A Guide to the Next Step

10th Grade: Informational Presentation

Counselor and Administrator Assignments (Update to slide two of the presentation)

  • Counselor Assignment

    • Amey Rishel (A-Din)
    • Jennifer Evans (Dip-In)
    • Virginia White (Ip-Mo)
    • Kaitlyn Massey (Mr-Sil)
    • Samiah Garcia (Sim-Z

    Administrator Assignment

    • A - DIN and SIM – STR Cindy Weatherford
    • DIP - IN and STU – TR Christina Kim
    • IP - MO and WEN – Z David Goldie
    • MR - SIL and TU – WEL Darius Maize

9th Grade: Informational Session