Student Appointments with Counseling

  • Students requesting an appointment with a counselor or counseling staff member can do so at the link below, or at the QR code posted throughout the school. Once completed, students will receive their appointment date and time on either a paper pass or by email. When it is time for the appointment, the student shows their teacher the pass or email before leaving the classroom.

    If this is a life-threatening emergency, see an adult immediately.

    Appointment Request

Parent/Guardian Appointments with Counseling

  • Parents and guardians can request an appointment with a member of the counseling staff by emailing them directly.  Email is the most efficient means of communicating with our staff. Our counseling staff can also be reached by phone.

    Counseling contact emails

    470-254-7835 (fax)

Appointment with Administration

  • To make an appointment with your administrator, please email your Assistant Principal directly. Counselors and Assistant Principals are assigned by student's last name.

    Cambridge Administration