• Please note that the district has asked schools to put a "device care" policy in place.

    Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students have been (or will be) issued a school device. When the student accepts the device, s/he agrees to the terms that are described in the FCS Device User Acceptance Form.  A print copy was sent home with students, and you can view it below. Please review the acceptance form with your student. FCS policy states that students will be charged for devices and chargers that are lost, stolen or damaged.  River Eves Elementary accepts cash or checks for payment.

    • Lost or damaged charger - $30
    • Damaged device - $100
    • Lost or stolen device - $250 

    Please note the following policies:

    • Before a new charger is issued, the fine must be paid.
    • For a damaged or lost device, the student will be issued a new device. However, the parent/guardian has two weeks to pay the fine.  If the fine is not paid within two weeks, the student will return the device. The student will not be issued another device until the fine is paid.

    We greatly appreciate you supporting your child in taking excellent care of their assigned Fulton County Schools laptop device. Thank you!


    Device User Acceptance Form - ENGLISH

    Device User Acceptance Form - SPANISH