• fiscal responsibility

    Fulton County Schools has a Strategic Plan that guides the school district’s overall direction and focus. It is intended to ensure that all stakeholders – including the school board, district staff, principals, teachers, students, parents and community members – are working toward a shared set of goals and priorities.

    One of its key areas is Fiscal Responsibility, and this focus extends to Capital Plan 2027 and its financial management. Capital plan projects, including timelines, expenditures and budgets, are reviewed routinely by the School Board. ESPLOST-funded programs also receive annual independent audits to ensure financial accountability. 

    Strong financial stewardship, including the successful management of past ESPLOST-funded projects, has allowed FCS to keep the lowest millage rate in Metro Atlanta for 11 consecutive years. FCS also maintains very high credit ratings with agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. In addition, the district is now free of long-term debt after paying off the final installments of a general obligation bond secured in 1998. In previous capital plans, funds were earmarked to pay off debt so that Fulton County property owners did not face an additional burden through their school taxes.