"Start with Hello" Campaign 2021

  • 1. See someone alone. 2. Reach out and help. 3. Start with hello


    The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. Fulton County Schools’ “Start With Hello” campaign is a component of the Students First, Safety First initiative to prevent school violence. The program promotes connectedness and encourages empathy and connectivity to minimize social isolation, a major contributing factor in school violence.

    Throughout the year, FCS will offer several community awareness events and opportunities to collaborate with other local agencies to support our students. Schools will have the opportunity to start a SAVE club, helping students to lead these efforts in their school.

    See Something, Say Something
    Submit an ANONYMOUS TIP to school and district officials on our website at www.fultonschools.org/fcstipline to report anything that produces concern for safety of self or others.

    Join our social media campaign #FCSStartWithHello.

Start with Hello Spirit Week (August 9-13)

  • Day Title of Activity Description
    Monday “Hey Day”

    Students, faculty, and staff will wear name tags that read, Hello, I AM _______ and say, “Hello” to someone they do not know. This activity is a conversation starter simply by saying, “Hello”.

    Once a person meets their newfound friend, we encourage them to post a pic of their name tags on social media using #FCSStartWithHello.

    Tuesday “Reach Out
    & Connect Day”

    Students, faculty, and staff will wear something that connects them to someone else (i.e., sports team t-shirt, college apparel; favorite hobby apparel; favorite band apparel; favorite pet apparel, etc.). The objective is to find someone wearing the same or similar apparel and post a pic to social media using #FCSStartWithHello

    Wednesday “Light Up
    Social Media Day”

    All day long, we are asking students, faculty, staff, parents, business partners, and all members of school communities to let the world know how kind FCS is by lighting up social media with #FCSStartWithHello.

    Our goal is to have 100K+ social media posts via Tweets, FB posts, Instagram posts, and TicTok. On that day, we would like #FCSStartWithHello to go viral!

    Thursday “Mix it Up Day”

    Students, faculty, and staff will move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new or that they have never had a conversation with. This may be on the school bus, during lunch, walking to class, or wherever you encounter someone that you have never spoken to.

    We encourage everyone to snap a pic of themselves talking to their newfound friend and post on social media using #FCSStartWithHello.

    Friday Fulton Green Out Day OR Large Group Photo Day

    Students, faculty and staff will wear anything green (Fulton green) to connect and spread the message of kindness and unity throughout FCS.

    This activity will culminate with each school hosting a ”Start With Hello” Pep Rally, OR taking a large group photo and posting to social media using the hashtag #FCSStartWithHello.