In-Kind Contribution Agreement Proposal Guidelines

  • The guidelines for preparing an In-Kind Contribution Agreement proposal for the Land Management, Facility Rental Department is as follows:

    • Prepare the in-kind contribution proposal on the third-party organization’s letterhead (be sure to include a mailing address and sign the proposal) and complete the In-Kind Contribution Agreement request for approval form.

    • Identify in the proposal the school(s) that third-party organization is seeking to utilize. Prepare a separate proposal for each school and describe the benefit(s) offered to the school District clearly describing what the organization is proposing—for example cut grass, fertilize softball field, re-lamp the main gym, paint the football stadium walls etc.).

    • Identify the day, date and time the third-party organization will (a) utilize the facility area for practices and for games, (b) the start time and end time for each use, and (c) calculate the total fees for each facility area for the entire period. Facility areas are class rooms, main gym, auxiliary gym, football field, football stadium, baseball field, softball field etc.

      • The fee schedule can be found here.
      • The total amount of the calculated hours use fees should be at a minimum equal to the amount the organization is seeking in facility fees to be waived. (Calculations should be reflected in a similar manner as shown the below)

        sample fee chart

    • Identify if custodian(s) and/or school police officer(s) are required. Personnel service fees will not be waived. Personnel fees are for custodians and school police officers *****NO EXCEPTIONS*****

    • The In-Kind Contribution Agreement request for approval requires approval by the Athletic Director, the Principal, the Director of Certified Athletics, the Director of Maintenance and the Director of Land Management. The third-party organization will receive an approval letter when the In-Kind Contribution Agreement is officially approved by the Facility Rental Department.