August 13, 2021 Update

  • Good afternoon Bear families!!!

    I had hoped to do an “end of the first week” video this afternoon, but after standing in the rain at carpool, I thought better of it.  ;)  Maybe we will have a cool week two video!  A special thank you to the parents in carpool who offered me an umbrella today!!!  The rain ruined my hair, but honestly, it was a refreshing way to end this incredibly hot week!  A²

    Info to Know:

    1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU to our WONDERFUL PTSA!  They provided a wonderful welcome back staff breakfast on Tuesday, August 3rd for the entire building.  Welcome back signs were posted for Info Days and for our first day of school.  Also, on the first day of school, they provided ice cream for all students during lunches – with a fantastic, “old school” ice cream truck (complete with the crazy neighborhood soundtrack)!  The students (and staff) LOVED it!  If you have not joined this organization yet, please do so (here is the link)!  They do so much for our students, teachers, and staff – wait until you see some changes we are planning for the front of the building!  Going to be beautiful and it is all thanks to their hard work and love of our school.  
    2. Seniors can join PTSA as well and receive several senior celebrations throughout the year. As announced during our senior meeting today, PTSA will be putting on a Senior Breakfast during Homecoming Week, senior shirts will be distributed, and a senior class photo (on the field) will be taken.  Also planning other exclusively senior events, like our #ChalkUpCambridge event, Senior Scholarships, and a Senior Graduation Field Day (in lieu of a senior dinner) at the end of the year.  More info to be announced later….so join now!
    3. We are continuing a weekly internal recognition of teachers and staff members who embody #BeTheBridge. How has a teacher or staff member been BRAVE, RESPECTFUL, INVOLVED, DETERMINED, GENEROUS, and/or ENGAGED in your success or wellbeing?  To allow for a wider range of recognition, we are extending an invitation to you to celebrate a teacher or staff member who has done something special at any point in the school year. We will keep this form "live" all year and use the weekly entries to celebrate our teachers and staff in internal events. Simply fill out this form and we will ensure the teacher or staff member is recognized. Your name will not be used, this is anonymous, but we will quote your reason for recognition. If you would like to recognize several people, please submit a form for each recognition. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate one of our teachers or staff! By celebrating others, you embody the spirit of #BeTheBridge.

    Important Dates Approaching:

    1. Wednesday, August 18th: Underclassmen (only) Yearbook pictures during English classes. If your student does not have an English class with us, he/she may go to the AUX Gym to take his/her picture during lunch.
    2. Tuesday, August 24th: Senior Meeting with Counselors during B²
    3. Tuesday, August 24th: Senior Meeting with Parents in Auditorium 5:30pm
    4. Wednesday, August 25th: Club Fair during all lunches
    5. Thursday, August 26th: Open House 5:30pm – 7:00pm*
    6. Monday, September 6th: School closed for Labor Day Holidays

    *This year we are doing an Open House.  Parents will not follow student schedules.  We will post Teacher Introductory Videos prior to Open House.  Parents are then invited into the building to do an informal meet and greet with teachers if they wish to do so.  This takes the pressure off of parents having to follow the schedule (and our bells!) and allows a more relaxed atmosphere.  Special thank you to Balfour Yearbook who is supplying dinner for our staff that night!  Appreciate your support! 

    1. Safety announcement: Please do not drop off or pick up in the new subdivision across the street. There is no cross walk there and it is unsafe.  Likewise, students should not park in the subdivision across the street or in the adjacent Publix parking lot, they will be towed. 
    2. Second safety announcement: Reminder that students are NOT allowed to go off campus for lunch or for any other reason during the day.

    Let us all be BRAVE enough to acknowledge those in our lives who have made a difference, be RESPECTFUL of the gifts we have received, be INVOLVED in the process of thanksgiving, be DETERMINED to recognize others work, be GENEROUS with our praise, and be ENGAGED in a constant state of gratitude.  THANK YOU for a fantastic first week!  We LOVED having all our students back in the building!  I hope you all have a safe, restful weekend!  Gear up for an even more amazing week two!  GO BEARS! 


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School


August 8, 2021 Update

  • Good afternoon!!!  So excited that school starts TOMORROW!  This is a long email but gives you the information you need for Day 1!  Please read carefully and reach out if you have any questions.  Thank you and GO BEARS!!!  A²

    Schedule Information:
    Students can view their schedule in Infinite Campus and should frequently check at the beginning of the school year to access the latest copy of the schedule. Please check your most recent schedule in Infinite Campus before you arrive on Monday.  The master schedule has been built based on course requests and teacher recommendations last spring and has limited flexibility.  We can only accommodate schedule corrections for the following reasons:
    •    I am scheduled for a class for which I have already earned credit, AND/OR
    •    I have two of the same classes, AND/OR
    •    I have not met the prerequisite for the course, AND/OR
    •    I am missing a course required for graduation, AND/OR
    •    I did not request this elective course, AND/OR
    •    I am missing a lunch period or class period, AND/OR
    •    I did not make a passing grade or I want to level down, AND/OR
    •    I am changing a currently scheduled Cambridge course to an online course (It is the student’s responsibility to register for the online classes (both semesters A and B for a yearlong course) on either FVS or GAVS website.  Students can take no more than 3 online classes. The online course will be scheduled in the same period where Cambridge class was.)

    Schedules will not be corrected for the following reasons:
    •    Class Period Change (i.e., changing online classes to a certain period)
    •    Teacher Change
    •    Elective Change- only electives selected in the spring will be approved
    •    Lunch Change
    •    Requesting a higher-level course – waiver window has been closed.

    Please submit the completed Course Change Request Form to your counselor by 4:00PM on Friday, 8/13/2021 and allow a minimum of 48 hours for an updated schedule. Course Change Forms are at the link above and available in the Counseling Suite.  Students will be notified once the change has been made.  Students must follow their current schedule until the change is made.

    *Dual Enrollment students will only see their college classes in Infinite Campus once they submit a copy of their college registration to their counselor. The last day to submit proof of registration is 8/9/21.

    During the spring, students had multiple opportunities to make any course request changes and the window to waive into classes has ended.

    This form is available now and will CLOSE ON 8/13/2021 AT 4:00 PM.

    As communicated last week, Fulton County Schools will require masks in all buildings where the incident rate is 100 (or higher) per 100,000.  Milton is at 115.  All students and staff are required to wear masks in the building.  In addition, due to CDC and federal guidelines regarding bus transportation, all students will be required to wear masks on buses at all times.

    Virtual During the Day:
    Students with a virtual class in the middle of the day (between other Cambridge face-to-face classes) are required to stay on campus.  Cambridge is not an open campus.  All students taking virtual classes during the day should report to 2428 or 2103.

    Carpool – please remember that due to traffic, left turns into our front parking lot are NOT allowed after 7:30am.  Please follow all directions from our officers who direct traffic in the morning and in the afternoon.  Parents are NOT allowed to park in the lot or to wait in the parking lot to pick up students, parents must wait in the carpool lanes.  It is not safe for students to wander around the parking lot in high traffic time periods.  Please be mindful and respectful of other drivers.  Please remember that officers and staff are there to keep everyone safe.  Their directions should be followed respectfully. 
    Buses – please make sure your student knows his/her bus number.  Pick up locations and times can be found at this link.  After school, we will have locations for bus parking in the bus lanes so that students can locate their bus quickly and safely.  They need to know their bus number in order to locate the proper pick up lane.  We will have staff in the bus area to assist students, but knowing the bus number will save your student a tremendous amount of anxiety during this process.  Due to CDC guidelines, all students will be required to wear their mask the entire time they are on the bus.

    Due to a grant, all students will receive free lunch and breakfast.  Extras in the lunch line (like Gatorade) are available for a fee.  Money can be placed on lunch accounts for “extras” at this link.  Again, Cambridge is not an open campus.  Students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch at any time.  If you would like to drop off lunch for your student, please drop it off to the cart in the front rotunda and text your student that it is there for pickup.  In addition, students are NOT allowed to order food from Uber Eats, Door Dash, or any other delivery service.  See the Student and Parent Handbook for more information (link below).

    On Monday, our wonderful PTSA will have Ice Cream Trucks in the bus lanes during all three lunches to celebrate the first day of our tenth year!  If you haven’t joined PTSA yet, please do so!  LOVE their support of our students and teachers!  Thank you PTSA!

    Student and Parent Handbook:
    If you have any questions regarding procedures, policies, or practices at Cambridge, please refer to our updated Student and Parent Handbook.  It is available online at this link, on our website, and hardcopies are available in the front office. 

    It’s Year 10 Bears!  As we enter the new year, be Brave enough to ask for help or directions, be Respectful of keeping all feeling safe by wearing our masks, be Involved in campus by seeking out clubs, organizations, and sports to join and/or support, be Determined to learn something new every day, be Generous by reaching out, greeting, and involving students who are new to Cambridge, be Engaged in learning classroom expectations in every classroom.  This is going to be a great year of Relationship and Instruction.  Can’t wait to see you all in the building tomorrow!  GO BEARS!  #BeTheBridge

    Ashley Agans
    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

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