B2 (Advisement) Support

  • Beginning December 1, the following opportunities for support will be added to advisement time. 

    What can B² support be used for?

    • Extended time on tests/quizzes
    • Makeup of work
    • Remediation/help
    • Meet to discuss how to get on track

    How will B² support work?

    • B² support will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    • Teachers will have ten passes (five passes for Wednesdays, five passes for Thursdays – they will be color-coded).
    • Teachers give passes to students who need help via B² support.
    • Students will report to their normal B² location, present the pass to their B² teacher, then report to B² support via the invitation.
    • Students return the B² pass to the proper teacher at B² support.
    • If needed, teachers may invite the student to multiple B² support sessions.
    • Teachers will keep a log of students invited to B² support.

    Can students go to a teacher for B² support without a pass?

    • No, starting with a limited number of passes. Only students with a pass may leave B² to go to B² support.

    Can parents request that their student receive a B² support pass?

    • No, teachers are prioritizing B² support passes for students based on need, grades, work to be remediated.

    What if a student is invited to multiple B² supports?

    • Students should only accept one pass for B² support.
    • Students may get a pass and go to one B² support on Wednesday and another B² support on Thursday.

    What will other students in B² be doing while teachers work with their B² support group?

    • All other students will report to their regular B² classroom.
    • Students who are not in B² support will have a silent study hall.

    Will parents be notified if their student has been invited to B² support?

    • Teachers will communicate with parents if a student has been invited to B² support multiple times but fails to attend.

    Is there a consequence for not showing up to B² support?

    • Students who skip B² support opportunities and fail to report to B² will receive a consequence for “class cuts” or “skipping.”
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