A Day in the Life of a FAVE Middle Schooler

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all families in Fulton County to become familiar with remote learning, at least in part. A commitment to a full-time program with remote support may be slightly different than what students have experienced in our current status. These scenarios are intended to provide parents and students considering the online, full-time school with an example of what a typical "day in the life" might look like.



    Meet Justice

    Justice is a 7th grader attending FAVE Middle School. She is a good student but struggles with math and sometimes uploading her assignments. She chooses to take live lessons to help her gain better math skills. Justice also loves the arts and is a dancer. One of her favorite subjects is art. She enjoys it so much she chooses to take the course as a live lesson as well.


    Time Scheduled Event What is Justice doing now? What is Justice's support system doing?
    8:30 a.m. Homeroom She signs onto a live Microsoft Teams meeting with her homeroom teacher. Justice participates in the morning’s “check-in” by answering a few fun questions in the chat. The teacher gives the students the weekly tip for online learning success and ask others to share. Justice tells her teacher and peers that her tip is that she checks her email at the beginning and end of the day. Justice’s mom logs in to check Justice’s progress and assignments that were submitted the previous day.

    9:00 a.m. 


    Independent lesson and assignment 

    Justice logs into the learning management system for her science course. She loves starting with science at the beginning of the day because it’s her favorite subject. She’s now learning about the cell division. After Justice has read through the material and complete the interactives, she jumps right into completing her assignment which is a quick diagram of a cell and comprehension questions.  

    Justice’s mom makes sure that she can log-in to the portal to begin her day and that there are no technical issues.  

    9:45 a.m. 


    Justice takes a quick bathroom and stretch break.  

    Justice his mom fixes herself another cup of coffee  

    10:00 a.m. 


    live lesson 

    Justice sometimes struggles with math concepts and is having a difficult time with learning to divide fractions. Today there is a live math lesson that's been offered. Justice logs into the live math lesson to get a better understanding of the concept, ask questions to the teacher, and to get more practice.  

    Justice’s mom is available during this time to help with technical issues but does not need to be directly involved while the teacher leads this live lesson. 

    10:30 a.m. 

    Math – live small group lesson  

    After the whole group live lesson, Justice felt like she still needed practice. She decides to attend the live small group lesson her teacher is offering for students that want a little more practice with dividing fractions.  


    10:45 a.m. 


    work time 

    After Justice completes the live lesson she feels like she has a better understanding and is excited to complete the assignment to go with the lesson.  

    Justice’s mom lets her work through the lesson independently and encourages her to re-play a component of the lesson if she gets stuck.  



    Justice fixes herself a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich chips and a drink and watches an informational YouTube video about ballet dancer Misty Copeland during her break. 


    1:00 pm

    Social Studies- 

    Independent lesson and assignment 

    Today in social studies justice will be learning about Latin America and the Sierra Madre mountains. After reading the class information about it she decides to find more pictures to see the mountain range from different angles. Once she's done, she begins working on the assignment about the mountain range.  

    Justice’s mom actively views and discusses what living would be like in the Sierra Madre mountains for a family after viewing the pictures with Justice.  

    1:30 p.m. 

    Connections: Physical Education 

    Independent lesson and assignment 

    Justice is a dancer and enjoys when she gets to learn new yoga moves to her help stretch, when muscles the benefit, and how to create better blood flow. While she is reading through the lesson, she has time to practice the poses in her workspace. 

    Justice’s mom is available to help with any technical Issues and even does some stretches with her. 

    1:15 p.m. 

    Language Arts -  

    Independent lesson and assignment 

    Justice begins to read the story for her language arts assignment she will then complete the assignment based on the plotline of a drama in her own words.  

    Justice’s mom helps her act out the plot line from the drama she just read as part of her assignment.  

    2:30 p.m. 



    Live lesson 

    Justice logged into the live lesson to learn about cubism art and how Pablo Picasso used this style to create such memorable pieces. Then she began to create her own masterpiece.  

    Justice’s mom is available during this time to help with technical issues but does not need to be directly involved while the teacher leads this live lesson. 

    3:30 p.m. 

    School day ends 

    It’s now time for Justice to check her email and respond to any teacher’s emails. While the school day is officially over, Justice elects to finish the cubism creation she began in art.  

    Justice has trouble submitting the document, so her mom helps ensure it is uploaded correctly.  

    4:00 p.m. 


    Justice does stretches and grabs her shoes to get ready for dance this afternoon.  

    Justice’s mom cleans up the learning materials for the day and gathers the materials that will be needed for the independent simple machines activity to be done tomorrow.  

    4:30 p.m. 

    End of day 

    Justice grabs be pointe shoes and heads out to dance class. 

    Justice’s mom takes her to dance class.