• Mental Health, Self Care and Local Resources (Summer 2021)


     Summit Summer Groups

    Summit Counseling is offering several groups for students of all ages raning from how to deal with Anxiety, Anger, Leadership, Grief and Social Skills.


     Fulton County Schools and Summit Counseling Referral Process

     FCS has partnered with Summit OnSite to provide school-based counseling servicesto students! Students who may benefitfrom counseling should be referred regardless ofinsurance status.There are several financial options available to ensure students are connected withthe necessarysupports.


     Summer Resources

     Food, Housing, Mental Health, Teens in Crisis etc.


     Adapting After Trauma and Stress- Tips for Healing

     How to heal after experiencing trauma


     Dealing with Anger and Frustration- Tips for Coping

     How to cope with feelings of anger


     Processing Big Changes

     Tips for Processing Change


    Taking Time for Yourself

    Tips for Self-Care


    Youth Mental Health First Aid

    Fulton County Schools is proud to offer Youth Mental Health First Aid training to our community. Training is offered at NO COST to those wanting to become a CERTIFIED Youth Mental Health First Aider. Participants will be trained to identify and assist those who are developing a mental health problem or crisis. All participants will receive Training Certification.