From Ms. Agans: New Mitigation Protocols

  • Cambridge High School Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents,

    To address the current state of the pandemic, the district has created the FCS Mitigation Matrix. As of Wednesday, September 7, the number of COVID cases per 100,000 was 505 in Milton. On Friday, September 10, Milton had 539 cases per 100,000. On Friday, September 10, Fulton County Schools announced the Mitigation Matrix. Our administration team met today to discuss how we will follow the matrix moving forward at Cambridge.

    Starting today, Monday, September 13:

    • We will not make appointments for face-to-face meetings (we will honor previously scheduled meetings). All meetings with parents and outside groups will be conducted via Teams.
    • To check out a student (planned doctors/dentist/other appointments), the student must bring in a note from a parent in the morning. The student will go to the Attendance Office before classes begin to get a pass to leave class and will be allowed to exit at the appropriate time to leave the building. Parents will not come into the building for checkouts.
    • Parents will continue to do drop-off items via the cart outside the front entrance.
    • Field trips will be limited.
    • All inside Athletics or Performances will be held with a limited capacity (50% max.).
    • Clubs with large membership should meet outside. If meeting indoors, temperature checks should be taken and recorded. The size of the group should determine the meeting space.
    • No food or drinks are allowed in classrooms.
    • At lunch, when students are done eating, they must mask up.
    • PTSA, CAA, or Booster groups who need to access the mailroom are requested to do so only on Fridays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. We ask that you have one representative pick up any mail or packages and distribute them to the group to prevent multiple visitors 

    Starting Monday, September 20, 2021:

    All students will be assigned to a teacher during the lunch period. Students will be assigned (by the teacher) to “A” Lunch or “B” Lunch during their lunch period. When not in their assigned lunch period, students will go to the assigned teacher for study hall. This will limit the number of students in the cafeteria and shared spaces. All tables will be labeled “A” or “B,” and students will sit at the appropriate “A” or “B” table based on their lunch period. This will ensure students are always at clean tables and give custodians time to clean between lunches properly.

    We will go back to a one-way hall system. We will re-use the system we had in place at the beginning of last year. Signage will go up by the end of the week.  (This change is on hold 9.14.21)

    Other Changes:
    The administration team will continue to look at other mitigation policies. If the number of cases continues to climb, other procedures may be put into place, including modifying the bell schedule for longer and staggered pass times, lunch in classrooms with grab-and-go meals from the cafeteria, cancellation of all field trips, limited capacity at all events (whether indoor or outdoor).

    Team, we must all #BeTheBridge. We must all be BRAVE by wearing our masks at all times. We must be RESPECTFUL that while many students will only have mild symptoms, they can spread the virus to students who live with immunocompromised siblings, parents, grandparents, or loved ones. We must be INVOLVED in making decisions that keep everyone safe, like frequently washing hands and keeping a distance when possible. We must be DETERMINED to protect ourselves and protect others. We must be GENEROUS in doing the right thing for those around us. We must be ENGAGED in learning all we can on how to mitigate the spread of COVID.

    I know our community is divided on this issue. Regardless of your feelings, I hope you know that our job is to keep students, teachers, staff safe. Students cannot learn if they do not feel safe. I am asking ALL of us to follow the policy set forth by the district. When the numbers go down, the restrictions and mandates will go down. For now, let us all be supportive and #BeTheBridge to a safer, healthier tomorrow. 

    Ms. Ashley Agans

    Cambridge High School

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