• Online Request for Certificate of Enrollment (DDS), ADAP Certificate, and Work Permit




    Please complete this request form to obtain the paperwork need to take your permit test or driver’s license test.  The forms will be emailed as a .pdf attachment to your school email account within 2 business days.  Please be sure to check your spam folder.  The email will be sent from one the Front Office secretaries, in the subject line it will say NORTHVIEW. 


    WORK PERMITS: On the Northview HS home page, click on the tab under Important Links labeled “Work Permit” and read the instructions.  The student and employer must complete their part of this process before we can issue a work permit. 





    Please follow these instructions for Northview HS to issue a Work Permit to minors 15 years old and younger.


    The minor must secure potential employment prior to completing the online application.  The employer must complete their section online before a work permit can be issued.  To access the online employment certificate (work permit) system go to  https://www.dol.state.ga.us/WS4-MW5/cics.jsp?TRANSID=WP17&FRMNAME=WP17.  


    Click on these links to get to the right page on the DOL website:

    • Enter the student’s Social Security Number, date of birth, then select "Submit."  The action will fail and then select “Start New Permit.”
    • Enter name, address, parent’s name, etc. (complete the form) then select “Submit.”
    • You will receive a 10-digit “Minor Security Key” also called a MSK number.


    Print the Work Permit Minor Confirmation Page with the MSK number and submit to the potential employer. They will need to complete the employer’s section. 


    Once you and your employer have completed the online application and have received your 10-digit MSK number, please email Mrs. Rettker in the front office and attached the completed form.  Rettker@fultonschools.org


    We will file your information with the Department of Labor and email a Work Permit to you within 2 business days.