Writing Units

  • Writing is an important communication skill.  It gives learners an avenue to learn all the rules of their language and how they can organize their thoughts and ideas better so that so many can understand their message.  Strong writing skills have been linked to critical thinking skills so in Pre-K we begin to explore our world through pictures and words.  We focus on concepts such as School, Family, and Things I Know.  Letters lead to words and words lead to thoughts. 

    August - September

    I can draw shapes with 4 and 3 sides, and rounded.

    I can identify letters with straight lines and curved lines.

    I can sort letters with straight lines and curved lines.


    October - November

    I can identify letters of my name.

    I can use playdough to create letters.


    December - January

    I can trace letters.

    I draw the lettes of my name.

    I can be exposed to story telling.


    February - March

    I can tell my teacher my thoughts.

    I can label pictures.


    April - May

    I can write proper words.

    I can begin to write my own complete thoughts.