Sanjay Barooah

    Sanjay Barooah has served as the Vice Chair, of the Hillside Elementary School Governance Council. He is an executive with the largest Cybersecurity company in the world. He has broad experience with strategy & operations at institutions that serve diverse populations. His experience with education spans both teaching & publications. Sanjay holds dual-graduate degrees from the University of Denver. Sanjay would like to continue to stay involved with local school education by being a sounding board to the school’s decision-makers. He will continue to leverage relevant data to make prudent & impactful decisions for FCS North Cluster students. Finally, he would like to share his planning & budgeting skills with the Hillside Elementary School Governance Council & The Board of Education. Please consider supporting his candidacy for the Hillside Elementary School Governance Council.


    Elisa Bobbitt

    My name is Elisa Bobbitt and have lived within our community for 15 years. My daughter, Reese, is in 4th grade and my son, Nolan, is in 1st grade. My educational background includes Doctor of Audiology (AuD) from the University of Florida. I am a Regional Sales Manager for a global hearing aid manufacturer, Widex. My responsibilities include managing territory budgets, marketing initiatives, community outreach, product training and assisting with patient care. I serve on Widex’s Internal Advisory Board which creates national initiatives to achieve goals. Being a part of my children’s educational journey is important. This is my fifth year serving as Room Parent and have served as Chair for several PTA Committees. Elementary School includes the formative years and lays the foundation for future growth and success. I would be honored to represent you and will make smart impactful decisions that allow Hillside to continue to create a positive learning environment for each student.

    Emily Centa

    Growing up both my father and mother were public school educators. I remember drawing on the dusty chalkboard in my Dad’s classroom, running through the hallways of an empty school, and helping my Mom organize books in the library. So much of my life as a young student involved my parents. But I didn’t feel a closeness to education just because my parents were employed at my school, my parents carried their love for teaching into our home. I remember my Dad waking me up in the middle of the night so we could watch Halley’s Comet pass, which now as a parent of three young children, I know voluntarily getting your kids out of bed is only done for something truly exceptional. My instruction from public schools and my parents taught me that I excelled when I took what I learned from the classroom, shared it at home, and applied it to others around me. When I learned of school governance counsel I thought this is my opportunity to now advocate for my children’s educational environment.

    Darin Koff

    Dear Sir/Madam: I understand you are in the process of searching for an individual to fill a seat on Hillside School Governance Council. Please accept this as my letter for application and candidate statement. I have in-depth experience across various core business functions and operations. I have developed strong leadership, communication, strategy, negotiation, and problem-solving skills throughout my career. Currently, as Client Director for the Fishtech Group, I help customers solve complex cybersecurity challenges furthering our mission to lead organizations to a more secure future. In a previous role as Area Operations Manager, I had full P&L responsibility for the Atlanta market and managed and organization of 60+ employees. My experience and education has given me the skills necessary to develop creative solutions to solve any business problem. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Darin Koff

    Jennifer Tuller

    I am the mother of two girls, Kathryn (Kate) who will attend Hillside as a first grader in 2021-2022 and Claire who is just under 3 years old. I am currently serving as an appointed community member on the River Eves ES student governance council led by Principal Matthew Donahoe. I roll off the council in May of this year after serving a two-year term. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the SGC process. When I volunteered to be on the council nearly 2 years ago, we lived in the REES district, but we have since moved to the Hillside district. After finishing Kindergarten at Parker Chase Roswell East, we are excited for Kate to attend Hillside and I am hoping to be as involved as possible within the Hillside Elementary School community, including but not limited to the SGC. Thank you in advance for the consideration.




    Sigrid Read

    My name is Sigrid Read. I would like to serve on the School Governance Council. I am a Roswell resident and I love this community. It is a great place to bring up children I feel the Hillside community strives to serve a diverse population of learners. I am proud of my school and would like to serve in an additional role. I have been teaching special education for twenty five years. With my experiences and my strong belief in education, I know that I would be an asset to the council. 

    Therese Riza-Lawrence

    My name is Mrs. Therese Riza-Lawrence and I am an Interrelated Resource Teacher at Hillside Elementary School. I service students who receive special education services. As a special education teacher, I identify students' individual strengths and needs. I collect data on students' reading and math performance, which I use to drive my instruction. I have a thirst to serve and to learn, which is why I believe serving on the Student Governance Council will be an excellent opportunity. Serving on SGC would give me the opportunity to act as an advocate for both teachers and students. I am interested in becoming a member of Hillside's Student Governance Council because I want to work with our community to implement change and to improve student life. Participating in the process of improving Hillside is important to me, as our education system continuously evolves. I am a responsible, trustworthy accountable, reliable, creative, adaptable, and positive teacher at Hillside Elementary School.

    Ashey Schisler

    I grew up attending public schools in Georgia my whole life. Knowing that I have always wanted to be a teacher, I paid special attention to my teachers and noticed what worked and what didn't. Even though I am a first-year teacher, my Bachelor's from Kennesaw State University and my life experience in Georgia public schools as a student have made me into the educator I am today. I strive to see growth within myself, my students, and the school I am in. I am passionate about making my work environment better not only for the students but for the staff as well. The school environment is essential for growing its teachers and students. I would be honored to be a part of curating that environment for Hillside Elementary.