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SGC Voting Window- March 24-31, 2021

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Mr. Carletos

Mr. Carlos Carletos' Candidate Declaration

  • As an educator who has served within many of the lower socio-economic communities over the last twenty years, I can steadfastly state that the number one inequality which must be eliminated is the inequality which exist within the American educational system. My professional experiences have allowed me to lead, teach, and mentor students within both the Detroit and Atlanta metropolitan areas. I am inspired today, as much as I was twenty years ago, to continue to make an impact on the lives of the young boys and girls that I serve. It is my intention to, in conjunction with both parents and the school administration, work tirelessly to create a school of excellence in which all students will be proud to attend. Our kids deserve the very best! As a member of the S.G.C. I will pledge to use my professional expertise and personal experiences to make a positive impact within all facets of my duties and responsibilities.

Dr. Snipes

Dr. Yolanda Snipes' Candidate Declaration

  • As an educator and business leader in the community, I possess the passion and dedication to make a difference in my school as an active member of the committee. I believe in the administration, faculty, student body and parents of Renaissance Elementary. As a member of the committee, I will serve as a liason between the different shareholders with listening ears and productive hands that make a difference.

Ms. Moreland

Ms. Anita Mayes- Moreland's Candidate Declaration

  • I am Anita Mayes-Moreland an would be honored to serve again on the SGC board as I served last year. I am a retired principal from the first Charter School in Clayton County, and an advocate for children. I have always served on my children's school boards, and been very active in the schools in which my children have attended. I have been active at Renaissance Elementary since this school was built. I've served as PTA President, Vice President, SGC Council, and the Clayton County School Board. I am a parent of 7 children of which 4 attend Renaissance Elementary School since pre-k. 1 of which attends Renaissance Middle School where I am one of the team moms for the football team. I spend most of my time serving as an advocate in my community, and just last year even graduated and passed the bar exam. I look forward to serving on this board again, and sharing my input into the education of all kids, and also sharing my sponsors with the schools in my district.