FCS Finish Strong 2021

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    ATTENTION High School Seniors: 

    Do you need help making it across the finish line to graduation? 

    We are here to help you Finish Strong!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, adults with a high school diploma makes close to $10,000.00 more per year than those who do not have a diploma.

    Want some more information on how much more you can earn with a High School Diploma watch this:
    Value of High School Diploma

    Whether you are working, are behind in your assignments or haven’t been able to attend your classes for a while, we want to help you Finish Strong!

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    Helpful Tip 1: Know Where You Stand

    Download or Access the Infinite Campus App

    Monitoring your grades and missing assignments is the first step to getting back on track. Avoidance and not checking in to see where you stand only creates bigger issues in the long run. Jump in, take a look at where you are and reach out for help to come up with a plan.


    Helpful Tip 2: Get Help!

    Contact your School Counselor Today - They Care!

    Contact your school counselor if you need help coming up with a plan. Your school counselor can connect you with the right academic resources and supports offered at your school.

    School Counselors can assist you by:

    • Helping you develop recovery plans.
    • Working with you to improve your organization, study and time management skills.
    • Setting up student, parent, teacher conferences to discuss your challenges and to assist with coming up with a plan of support.
    • Sharing how you can catch up on course credits.
    • Enrolling you in credit recovery opportunities.
    • Providing a listening ear when you are stress or overwhelmed with life and or school.
    • Connecting you with tutoring opportunities offered at your school.
    • Helping you create college or career plans for after you graduate.


    Teachers Are Ready to Help

    We know it can be overwhelming when you fall behind in class. We also know that approaching your teacher to see where you stand in their class can be a hard thing to do. However, the only way for you to move forward is to know where you stand in each of your classes. Know that teachers are there to help and they welcome students reaching out to show that they want to get back on track.

    Contact your teacher(s) directly. We know that you may feel you are too far behind but know that your teachers are here to help you. Check your school's website page and locate the staff directory for your teachers' email.


    Visit Schools Website

    Schools have tons of resources to assist students with being successful in school. Visit your school's website and check tutorial times, credit recovery opportunities and other resources offered.


    Helpful Tip 3: Access Online Resources

    Classlink houses several apps that can help you with the concepts you are learning in class. Visit Classlink today to access your teacher's class resources in Teams, USA Test Prep, iReady and so much more. Need help learning how to use Classlink? Your school counselor can help you!

    Kahn Academy has study videos and material that can assist you with studying for an exam and completing an assignment.


    Helpful Tip 4: Make Sure You Have a Plan for Life After High School

    There is nothing more motivating than walking across the stage with a plan for starting your career, attending college, trade school or joining the military branch of your choice. If you do not have a clear plan for what you will do after high school, contact your school counselor today! Having solid plans for life after high school will give you the motivation you need to make it through these last few months of school. Counselors can help you explore your interest to help you find the right career field, trade or major. They can also assist you with applying to college, a technical school or even trade school. Interested in the military? Well, school counselors can even put you in contact with a recruiter. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact your counselor today!

    Want to do a little college or career planning yourself? Visit the Naviance Student app in Classlink to research careers, colleges and to develop and store your plans for life after high school. Need help learning how to use Naviance? Your school counselor can help you with that too!


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