Ask Lynne & Ron

  • How do we reschedule or cancel our vaccine appointment?

    • If you need to cancel your appointment, please send an email to with your First Name, Last Name and the date you wish to cancel.

      If you need to reschedule your arrival time, then you will need to send an email to CANCEL your first appointment, then you will need to go back in and re-register for another arrival time.  Please note, arrival time slots can and will fill up, so you may not have slots available as they were shown when you previously registered.  What is shown as available is what you will need to choose from.


    I registered but never received my confirmation email.

    • Please check your SPAM or JUNK Folder to make sure your email did not land there.  If after checking your email you still do not have your confirmation, then please send an email to and request a duplicate confirmation email be sent to you.


    Are Spouses of FCS employees allowed to get the vaccine?

    • Project Vaccinate 2021 is a FCS employee event only.  Spouses are not eligible to register for this event. 


    If I am able to receive a COVID vaccine outside of the Fulton County Mercedes Benz Stadium, can I sign up for a second one at Mercedes Benz?

    • If you receive your 1st shot outside of the Project Vaccinate event, they you MUST go back to where you got your 1st shot to get your second shot.  There is NOT a way to sign up for the 2nd shot only. 


    Will there be any other time that FCS will offer vaccinations to the staff after the March and April dates? 

    • Project Vaccinate 2021 dates are the only dates the district is scheduling for employee vaccinations.  All employees are also eligible to sign up with the GA Department of Public Health or any other locations such as Publix, Kroger etc. to be vaccinated at anytime they offer vaccines.   


    Can substitutes register for any day according to the areas they service?

    • Substitutes and Community Coaches should sign up by choosing the school the serve in a primary capacity.


    Will there be an opportunity for non- school based staff to make appointments on days other than Saturday?

    • No


    I just tried to sign up for the vaccine. The site only made available to me the schedule for the 2nd shot. Therefore, I was unable to sign up for the first shot.

    • The site is scheduling for BOTH shots, not just one.


    Will FCS offer the choice of Johnson & Johnson vaccine instead of Pfizer vaccine to FCS employees during vaccination days in March or April?

    • The only vaccine that will be offered to employees in FCS Project Vaccinate is Pfizer.