• Project Vaccinate 2021


    Dear Fulton County Schools Employees,

    As you know, Fulton County School System is working with the Fulton County Board of Health (FCBOH) to provide the opportunity for school system staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19. As of March 8th, K-12 employees in the state of Georgia will be eligible and cleared to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Fulton County Schools is excited to partner with FCBOH to offer a special opportunity for you, as a FCS employee, to get the COVID-19 vaccination. We have deemed this extraordinary effort "FCS PROJECT VACCINATE 2021."; There is no out-of-pocket cost for getting the vaccine. There will be a dedicated area at Mercedes Benz Stadium for FCS employees to receive their vaccination. We will follow social-distance protocols and masks will be required/available. Employees can participate in incentives and prize drawings provided by event sponsors. The following is some essential information about the FCS vaccination plan. Most importantly, the reservation system is now open for you to reserve a timeslot to receive the vaccine.


    Event date(s), time, and location

    Below is the event information for the FCS/FCBOH sponsored vaccination event. However, as of March 8, all K-12 personnel are eligible to get the vaccine in the state of Georgia, so we encourage staff to go ahead and get the vaccine via another outlet if there is a desire not to wait until March 22. The FCBOH will be providing the Pfizer vaccine for this event. If you have already received a COVID-19 vaccination, please do not attend.


    FCS Project Vaccinate (1st Shot)

    March 22 – March 27

    9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

    Mercedes Benz Stadium
    1 AMB Drive, NW
    Atlanta, Georgia 30310 

    FCS Project Vaccinate (2nd Shot) 

    April 12 – April 17

    9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

    Mercedes Benz Stadium
    1 AMB Drive, NW
    Atlanta, Georgia 30310 


Learn From The Medical Experts

Ask Lynne & Ron

What Happens After You're Vaccinated?

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. After you’ve been fully vaccinated, you can start to do some things that you had to stop doing because of the pandemic.

    Check out the CDC Guidelines

More Information

  • FCS Personnel Eligible to Get Vaccinated

    • Employees of FCS both full and part-time
    • Employees of charter schools operating via a FCBOE Charter
    • FCS substitutes and approved temporary employees
    • FCS approved community coaching personnel
    • Contracted personnel who are working per a FCBOE approved vendor contract. The individual, not the vendor/business, has consistently worked on-site within FCS, has an assigned work location/school and FCS employee identification badge, and is in a role that requires direct face-to-face interaction with FCS employees/students on a daily basis. (Not eligible are contactor of construction companies, evening custodial vendors, etc.)
    • For the above FCS personnel only – no spouse/family members
    • FCS personnel are NOT to carpool to the vaccination event at MBS, please consider this a directive that all employees are expected to adhere. Consideration is provided to those who are spoused/same household and both FCS employees.



    School/Department Rotation Schedule for the vaccination week(s) 

    School-based personnel will rotate through the vaccination week by level/zone with non-school based personnel coming on Saturday of the week. Monday-Friday are to be considered workday (remote/on-site). Beyond of the time needed to report to MBS and get vaccinated, employees are to be at-work/assessable/engaged including remote. We do not anticipate the entire vaccination process to extend 2.5 hours, so no employee should be absent for the day unless on approved leave. Supervisors are to monitor and plan accordingly. Lastly, itinerate employees will rotate with the school deemed their home-school or where they work the majority of their work-week.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    ES Zone 3

    ES Zone 4

    ES Zone 7

    ES Zone 1

    ES Zone 2

    ES Zone 6

    ES Zone 5

    MS Zone 1

    MS Zone 2

    MS Zone 3

    MS Zone 4

    MS Zone 5

    MS Zone 6

    MS Zone 7

    HS Zone 1

    HS Zone 2

    HS Zone 3

    HS Zone 1

    HS Zone 1

    HS Zone 4

    HS Zone 5

    HS Zone 6

    HS Zone 7

    Non-School Based

    Central Administration






    School Remote Learning/Work Schedule

    For the district to efficiently accommodate the above rotation schedule and cycle all employees through the vaccination process, schools (per level) will adhere to the following remote learning/work schedule with school non-teaching personnel (principal, AP, counselor, custodians, etc.) continuing to report on-site when not scheduled to get the vaccination.  Non-school based and central administration personnel also will not work remotely but report as normal.  Essential personnel needed to support the FCS vaccination event (clinic aides, CSA’s, SRO’s, nurses, etc.) will report to the Mercedes Benz Stadium for the week.


    Level Remote Dates
    Elementary Schools March 22, 23, 24
    Middle Schools March 24, 25
    High Schools March 25, 26



    Making a reservation for Project Vaccinate 2021


    STEP 1

    All personnel must reserve a vaccination timeslot for FCS Project Vaccinate 2021 using the following link:

    FCS Project Vaccinate 2021 Reservation Link

    The system will ask a few simple questions: Name, Position, School, Work Email. The number of daily timeslots (vaccines) were based on the number of YES/UNSURE responses to the FCS interest Survey by department and school. Employees can only reserve a time-slot per the above rotation schedule. Once the number of time-slots for a given day is gone, staff will be defaulted to the Saturday make-up session. After selecting your 30-minute arrival time, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation. You must bring that confirmation email (printed or on your cellphone) to check in upon your arrival. The reservation system will close at 4PM on Friday, March 19th.


    STEP 2

    The confirmation email will also contain links to the following documents, please bring forms 3 and 4 completed to the event. You will be asked to provide your driver’s license or FCS issued ID badge with photos and show your insurance card at your appointment, if applicable. Please bring your cellphone because you will be provided a QR code for any needed follow-ups regarding a reaction to the vaccine.

    • Directions to follow for arriving at the Stadium/Parking/Entry
    • Pfizer Information Sheet
    • Registration Form from GADPH - Print form, complete and bring to event
    • Consent / Release Form - Print form, complete and bring to event


    STEP 3

    After receiving your 1st shot, you will be given a vaccination card for your 2nd dose. FCS will repeat the above rotation schedule for the 2nd shots to be administered April 12-17. Therefore, the same day of the week and arrival time on your confirmation email for the 1st shot will be used/repeated for the 2nd shot. (Example: ES teacher gets his 1st shot on a Tuesday, March 23rd at 10AM – then that teacher will get his 2nd shot on Tuesday, April 13th at 10AM). No additional reservation action is needed.



    Participant incentives and prizes 

    In addition to the practical need to have employees vaccinated, FCS also desires to make FCS Project Vaccinate 2021 an occasion to celebrate and come together as a community.   Due to the generosity of several sponsors, event participants will receive:

    • #ProjectVaccinate2021 T-shirt – until we complete the 2nd shot,  when wearing this t-shirt, staff will be allowed to wear jeans to work. Promotion ends on April 17th.
    • Swag Bags – each day of FCS Project Vaccinate 2021, twenty (20) random bags will include a GOLDEN envelope containing a $50 gift card from the Fulton Education Foundation and Family First Credit Union. A total of $1,000 a day give-away. We will be asking all lucky winners to tweet their win!
    • Big Screen TV – Family First Credit Union will be providing participants a chance to win a big screen television via a drawing at the end of each of the two vaccination weeks. 


    We have included COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ for your reference. Still, if you have additional questions about FCS Project Vaccinate 2021, email your questions to projectvaccinate@fultonschools.org. We will post the answers under ‘Ask Lynne & Ron’ on the Project Vaccinate 2021 website. Lastly, thank you for your commitment and dedication to serving FCS students and staff, and for helping to keep our colleagues and workplace safe.