Bell Schedule

  • At Innovation Academy, we believe that education can be found in many places. 

    We have developed a schedule that offers students many ways to learn and apply their academics.

    IA has a seven academic period day with an additional period for lunch Monday through Thursday. 

    Here is an example of a student's schedule. The course order will differ depending on the student. 


    Period Time Example Course
    1  8:55 - 9:45 AM  CTAE Block
    2  9:49 - 10:39 AM  CTAE Block
     10:43 - 11:33 AM  Language Arts
     11:37 - 12:03 PM  Math
    5A   12:07 - 1:03 PM  TESLA (Exploratory Time)
    5B   1:07 - 1:33 PM  Lunch
     1:37 - 2:27 PM  Science
     2:31 - 3:21 PM  World Language (Online)
     3:25 - 4:15 PM  Social Studies


    Some important notes about our schedule:

    To provide students with flexibility during their day and time to work independently, all students will take one virtual course. If a student is taking a world language course, it will be the virtual period. 

    Once the world language course of study is completed, students may choose which course is taken online, excluding AP Seminar, AP Research, and their pathway courses.


    Flex Fridays

    Fridays will provide students with an alternative learning environment.  Once a month, students from each pathway will work collaboratively to solve complex problems that are generated by faculty in collaboration with our business partners.  These learning challenges will help students apply the knowledge they are gaining to real-world situations.  Additionally, it allows the student to receive specific support and to engage in intensive problem-based learning projects.  Team events where the entire community comes together will serve to provide students the opportunity to practice the soft-skills that are in high-demand in the work force and in post-secondary institutions. 

    When a student is not on campus they will have a digital learning day.  All teachers will provide students with digital assignments to be completed at home.  Allowing student to work at home on most Fridays will teach them to be independent learners. 

    Fridays will also provide opportunities for extended learning, additional support for students who find themselves struggling in a course, or who need to work independently with a faculty or staff.