FCS Sesquicentennial Celebration

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    Fulton County Schools has a rich and storied history interwoven throughout time. This year we are celebrating our sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary. This milestone allows us the opportunity to highlight a journey which has been met with great achievements and greeted by many challenges. It is a complex story that may surprise you at times. Although not all of it is good, it is important to take a look back to see how far we have come.

    During a year-long campaign, we will be unveiling a series of twelve videos we are calling "Celebrating the Journey," which chronicles Fulton County Schools over the past 150 years. While students, teachers and school buildings have changed throughout time, one thing remains the same. As witnessed in the past, Fulton County Schools will continue to provide momentum for a future of sustained excellence.

Installment #5: Our People Make It Work

August 2021 - The fifth video in the series looks back on the people who make the school system work. From custodians and counselors to lunchrooms and libraries, support staff members make up a vast network of departments extending to all corners of the county, all working in unison to support the needs of our students both inside and outside the classroom.

Installment #4: Our Schools Through The Years

May 2021 - The fourth video in this series reflects on the history of our buildings and facilities. From its humble beginnings in a one-room schoolhouse, all the way to our two newest schools, the Global Impact Academy and Innovation Academy, we chronicle a timeline of innovation showcasing how our schools helped shape our communities over the past 150 years.

Installment #3: Fulton Teachers Through The Years

April 2021 - The third video in this series reflects on the history of our amazing teachers and features interviews with FCS alumni. From the district’s humble beginnings with just 13 teachers, to the 7,500 teachers in the school system today, our educators are a large part of what makes FCS so special.

Installment #2: Fulton Students Through The Years

March 2021 - From the time of the district's founding, the students of Fulton County have experienced new types of education in the decades that followed – both inside and outside the classroom. Just as the world was changing around them, so too were they finding new opportunities, overcoming old obstacles, and participating in the shared community that surrounded them.

Installment #1: Our Sesquicentennial Celebration Introduction

February 2021 - In February of 1871, the Fulton County School System was established in a courthouse in downtown Atlanta.

Over the past one hundred fifty years, it has produced a vibrant history of unprecedented change and unrivaled growth. Take a moment to watch this video and look through the lens of this enduring legacy.