• Roswell High School Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts Courses: 


    Intro to Art 

    Drawing 1 and 2

    Painting 1 and 2

    Graphics 1 and 2

    Photography 1-4

    Ceramics 1-4

    Digital Design

    Advanced Digital Design 

    Sculpture 1-4

    Jewelry 1 and 2

    AP 2D Design 

    AP 3D Design

    AP Drawing 

  • Fine Arts Diploma Seal

    Submit a transcript documenting the completion of a fine arts pathway (3 full credits) plus at least one additional fine arts credit
    Participate in 2 or more arts related extracurricular activities and experiences that foster fine arts mastery.
    Submit documentation of completion of 20 hours of arts related community service
    Complete a capstone presentation of their experiences –

    such as an end of year show, a senior show or performance, a website that presents your portfolio with an artist statement or shows you performing, etc. Documentation can be a video, a website, written paper etc.)

    FADS Requirements  

  • National 

    Art Honor Society 

      The Roswell High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society is a club that meets biweekly after school in room 266.  NAHS is a service club that "provides your students, faculty, school, and community with invaluable benefits—including peer recognition, leadership growth opportunities, college and career preparation, recognition of your art program, and so much more." The NAHS members of Roswell high school are dedicated to helping the community through artful philanthropy. NAHS provides students with an opportunity to help and beautify the community of Roswell, and it is a great way to get involved and make new friends. If you have any questions about Roswell's chapter of NAHS, please email Ms. Wilhelm at  wilhelma@fultonschools.org.   or vist National Art Education Association (arteducators.org). 

    NAHS Logo


  • Awards and Recognitions

    The students of the RHS Visual Arts Department have participated in various shows, exhibitions, and contests during the 2022-23 school year. Below is a list of the shows and contests in which our students represented Roswell High School. 

    • North Fulton Art Show. Best in Show, Honorable Mention 

    • High Museum of Art Student work inclusion 

    • Dogwood Festival Student work inclusion, Honorable Mention, Satellite Show inclusion 

    • Charlotte Garrison- Dogwood Festival and Kennesaw Show  

    • Justin Moore- Kennesaw Show Spring Arts Festival Pin Up Show , High Museum of Art Show 

    • Hannah Newton- Kennesaw Show Spring Arts Festival Pin Up Show  

    • Grace McNabb- Kennesaw Show Spring Arts Festival Pin Up Show  

    • Madelyn Allison- High Museum of Art show 

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