Online School for Students with Disabilities

  • For parents/guardians of students with disabilities, it is important to read the following prior to completing an application for Fulton Full-Time Online School:

    Fulton Full-Time Online School is an independent, online school model, with limited synchronous instruction. Fulton County Schools recognizes that certain skills and commitments facilitate student success in an online educational environment and as such, an IEP Team will assess a student's readiness level for virtual learning/courses prior to acceptance and enrollment. In addition, the IEP Team will also determine the special education supports and services to be provided through the context of an IEP Team Meeting, in accordance with the online school programming guidelines.

    • For students who require additional supports to access instruction, a general education teacher will be assigned to teach the course and a special education teacher will provide support on a consultative or collaborative basis. This will include scheduling small group and/or individual check-ins with the student to support completion of the course.
    • Accommodations for students with IEPs or 504 plans will be limited to those that are appropriate to an online environment and the rigorous, independent nature of the Full-Time Online School. Thus, online school is not appropriate for all learners and even if the model is appropriate, accommodations in a student's IEP may need to be removed, changed, or added.
    • Additional limited, synchronous instruction and/or asynchronous instruction designed to address IEP goals and objectives may be provided in order to ensure ongoing progress monitoring. This could include small group sessions designed to target common goals and objectives, additional work tasks, and/or individualized activities.  However, the amount of additional instruction must not change the fundamental nature of the online, independent program.
    • Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Itinerant Services (DHH, OI, VI) may be provided virtually by the homeschool service provider as determined by the IEP Team. Students may receive services individually or may be grouped with other students from the virtual or face-to-face setting.