Fulton Full-Time Online School – Course Catalog

  • The full-time online school's course catalog plans to offer the depth and breadth of courses for an enriching student experience. At the elementary level, students will have the opportunity to accelerate through Continuous Achievement opening the middle school course catalog to elementary students without the need to travel from one building to another in order to take an accelerated course. In middle school, students will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful connections classes that allows students to explore various careers, technology, fine arts, health/physical education, and world languages. At the high school level, the course catalog plans to offer Honors and AP courses (still in development). As it pertains to electives, the high school catalog will offer CTAE pathways, health/physical education, fine arts, and world languages. On this page, you will see which courses the online full-time school plans to offer. This list will evolve as plans solidify.


    Elementary Schools Course Catalog

    Middle School Course Catalog

    High School Course Catalog