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    Focused Academics. Stronger Relationships.
    Greater Sense of Belonging.

Why the K-8 Model?

  • The K-8 model provides a nurturing learning environment for younger learners while challenging middle schoolers to develop as leaders and role models. Evidence-based research shows students who attend a K-8 school acclimate quickly to the model, feel safer and more comfortable while learning, and ultimately perform better academically than their peers at traditional schools.

    Research also shows the grade structure helps young learners by eliminating the move to a separate school for grades 6-8. The transition from elementary to middle school can be socially and academically difficult for some students. In addition, this model strengthens parental involvement and provides continuity for students and staff members, which creates a family-like environment within the school.


    • Increases academic performance because of the elimination of the middle school transition
    • Reduces discipline and absenteeism because of an increase in connection and motivation
    • Fosters more opportunities to support the Continuous Achievement model offered in Fulton County Schools


    • Increases opportunities for students to have more positive relationships with their peers and teachers
    • Leads to a greater sense of family for students with their classmates
    • Increases connectivity for parents within the school building and with staff


    • Continuity allows parents and children to feel safer as children become older
    • Reduces the potential negative societal influences because of the mix of ages

Why add STEAM?

  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

    • Presents the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math
    • Makes learning relevant so students develop their skills, talents and interests
    • Encourages exploration of STEAM-related careers
    • Provides cross-curricular offerings and activities.
    • Supports development of interpersonal and social skills through academic projects, instructional methods, and leadership opportunities
    • Allows students to explore their ideas and consider possible solutions through data-based inquiry in a hands-on learning environment

Thoughts or questions?

K-8 Model: A Discussion


Superintendent Mike Looney and Deputy Chief Academic Officer Gyimah Whitaker discuss the benefits of the K-8 model and explain how these schools create an environment for success.

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