• k8 model

  • Fulton County Schools is hosting online community forums – December 7, January 11 and January 25 – to share a proposal for creating two kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) campuses and to collect input. Each forum will be hosted between 6-8 p.m. using Microsoft Teams. 

    Background of the K-8 Model
    Superintendent Mike Looney has spoken of the K-8 model over the past several months, sharing details about its positive impact on student achievement, school climate and safety. Popular among private schools and charter schools, research shows the model helps young learners by eliminating the move to a separate school for grades 6-8, a transition that can be socially and educationally difficult for some students. It also provides continuity for students and staff members, which creates a more “family” environment in the school. 

    Proposal to Create Conley Hills K-8 and Hapeville K-8 Schools

    The proposed plan calls for Conley Hills Elementary School and Hapeville Elementary School, both in the Tri-Cities High School cluster, to become kindergarten through eighth grade schools. The existing Conley Hills is slated for replacement, and under the proposal, it would be closed and nearby Paul D. West Middle School would become the site of the replacement Conley Hills K-8 school. The middle school campus is located less than a mile from Conley Hills, and due to multiple factors, it became a natural fit to house the new K-8 model and replacement school. Extensive renovation, reconfiguration and construction would occur to deliver the replacement school facility, support the K-8 curriculum and the addition of younger grades. Hapeville Elementary School, which originally opened as a high school, also was selected for the K-8 model and would receive students in grades 6-8 from nearby middle schools. It also would undergo renovation to support the different grade levels being added.  

    Community Forums

    The school district is holding the online community forums to present more information on the K-8 model and collect community input. The meetings also will gather information for drawing potential attendance boundaries to fill the Conley Hills and Hapeville campuses and balance the enrollments of surrounding schools, should the K-8 model be adopted. Those primarily impacted would be Conley Hills Elementary School, Hapeville Elementary School and Paul D. West Middle School, but other schools in the area may be impacted by shifting enrollments and feeder pattern changes.  

    Next Steps
    The final decision on the K-8 model and other potential school boundary changes would not occur until March 2021, after parents and the greater community have been given an opportunity to be involved. If the School Board approves the overall concept, the Conley Hills and Hapeville K-8 schools will debut in August 2022 with the new attendance boundaries going into effect at that time.