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    Background of the K-8 Model

    Superintendent Mike Looney has spoken of the K-8 education model over the past several months, sharing details about its positive impact on student achievement, school climate and safety. The K–8 model provides a nurturing learning environment and challenges middle schoolers to develop as leaders and role models. Research shows students who attended a K-8 school are the most comfortable, feel the safest, and ultimately perform better academically than their counterparts at traditional middle schools.


    Focused Academics. Stronger Relationships.
    Greater Sense of Belonging.

Why the K8 Model?

    • Helps young learners by eliminating the move to a separate school for grades 6-8, a transition that can be socially and educationally difficult for some students.
    • Increases stability and boosts self-esteem and confidence for students.
    • Strengthens parental involvement.
    • Enhances deeper relationships between students and peers.
    • Provides continuity for students and staff members.
    • Creates a more “family” environment in the school.




K-8 Model: A Discussion


Watch Superintendent Mike Looney and Deputy Chief Academic Officer Gyimah Whitaker discuss the benefits of the K-8 model and explain how these schools create an environment for success.

Gathering Feedback

  • During the 2021-2022 school year, FCS will host a series of collaborative sessions to engage with families, school-level personnel, and district staff around the development of a K-8 educational specification and instructional model.