• Unit 4- Bigger Books Means Amping Up Reading Power
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    Topics Covered in Unit 4: I Can...

    • RL.2…retell stories, including fables and folktales, to show that I understand the central message, lesson, or moral.
    • RL.3…describe how characters in a story respond to major events or challenges.
    • RL.6…tell the differences in the points of view and can change my voice for each character when reading.
    • RF.3…understand and use phonics and what I know about reading.
    • RF.4…read fluently to understand what I am reading
    • W.3…write a narrative where I tell events in order, using details to tell what happens, what I’m feeling or thinking, and can close my story.

  • Please use MyON as a reading resource! It is a digital library avilable to your student 24/7 on ClassLink. Students will need to take a diagnostic to determine an appropriate Lexile reading level if it is their first time accessing the program. Then, MyON will suggest books that meet that student's individual reading needs. 


    As always, students can use iReady Reading to continue developing their reading progress in phonological awareness, phonics, high frequency words, vocabulary, literacy comprehension, and nonfiction comprehension.