RHS Underclassmen Class Dues

  • RHS Underclassmen Class Dues – Payments via OSP

    Class Dues (one entry for each student) may be paid at this time using the OSP (Online Student Payment) system located at: Online School Payments - Roswell High School

    Freshman/9th Grade Class Fees: $45 (8/3-8/31)

    Sophomore/10th Grade Class Fees: $45 (8/3-8/31)

    Junior/11th Grade Class Fees: $65 (8/3-8/31

    Student class fees are for activities are charges imposed on students to fund various extracurricular or co-curricular activities and events within the educational institution. Our student fees cover a range of activities that enrich students' overall educational experience. Roswell high school supports student-run clubs and organizations that cater to various interests and hobbies. Class fees help to support these clubs' activities, events, and initiatives and benefit all students.

    Fees may increase throughout the year as activities are planned for the entire year and funded accordingly.

    • Locker Fee (required for all 9th grade students)

    • Student Council Fee/Student activities

    • 9th Grade Class Shirt

    Be sure to select the correct grade level for each student payment made. 

    Your payment will include an assigned locker, class t-shirt, and grade level specific events and projects. 

    These funds move with the student’s class through each grade.

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