Transcripts and College Applications

  • If your student has a January 1 to January 5 college application deadline, they should submit their request for transcripts and recommendation letters by December 3, 2021. School is closed from December 18 until January 2 for Winter Break. No requests will be processed during that time.

    All transcripts for college applications require ten (10) school days to process, including required forms and letters. The counseling department does not process transcripts, forms, and recommendation letters on weekends, after school hours, or school holidays. Please keep this in mind when planning applications and making requests ahead of time to ensure your deadlines are met.

    All transcript requests for current students must be placed in Naviance. Seniors must ensure the following items are completed in Naviance when applying to a college.

    • Indicate in Naviance how you are applying to the college - Common App or directly to the college.
    • If using Common App - it is important that the application deadline is correct in Naviance.
      Note: students have indicated that they have a first-semester deadline but Naviance is showing they selected deadlines in the second semester. Deadline dates need to be correct in Naviance to ensure your student's documents arrive at the college to which they are applying on time.
    • Complete the Senior Information Survey located under 'Important Tasks' in Naviance so that transcripts can be processed and letters of recommendations can be sent from the counselors.
    • Complete the FERPA Waiver section in Common App so teachers and counselors can send your documents to colleges.
    • Add colleges to 'Applying List' before requesting an initial transcript.
    • Always ask a teacher before putting their name as a recommender. If a college requires teacher letters, they will ask for one to three, maximum. Please do not request a letter from more than three teachers for one college application.

    Seniors and parents/guardians are encouraged to view the resources on requesting transcripts, adding colleges in Naviance, and requesting letters of recommendation from teachers on the Senior Naviance Help page.

Highlighted Career of the Week

  • Highlighted Career of the Week - 

    This week we are showcasing the Apprenticeship Programs. Earn your degree, diploma, or certificate, an hourly wage, on-the-job experience, and entry into a career path — all at the same time! The Technical College System of Georgia has teamed with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship to offer students the opportunity to work with Georgia’s manufacturing leaders as registered apprentices.

    Selected students will be hired as full-time employees and will attend classes on a part-time basis. At the completion of the apprenticeship program, apprentices will be awarded a U.S. DOL certificate of completion that indicates specialized training in a particular occupation.

    TCSG Programs
    (occupations below program)

    • Industrial Systems Technology
      • Industrial Maintenance Technician
      • Mechatronics Technician
    • Machine Tool Technology
      • CNC machine Tool Operator
    • Electrical System Technology
      • Electrical Controls Technician
      • Instrumentation Technician

    For more information