• Fulton County Schools guidelines regarding visitors state:

    • People entering the school will be required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.
    • Visitors will be limited to the front office. No visitors will be allowed in classrooms.
    • Any non-staff must have an appointment and be prepared to be scanned or provide assurances of good health before entry.

    To assist our front office and to ensure all visitors adhere to these guidelines, we ask that parents/guardians follow these procedures.

    Checking out a student:

    • If you need to check out your student during the school day, you must have your student bring a note to the attendance office before school begins. Your student will receive a checkout form that will allow them to leave class at the assigned time and check out through the attendance office. Parents/Guardians will pick up the student from the carpool lane and should not enter the building.
    • Emergency checkouts do occur, and when the parent/guardian arrives at the school, they will ring the doorbell and alert the front office they need to check out a student, and someone from the attendance office will come to the parent/guardian.

      Read more details on checking students out.

    Dropping off items:

    • Parents/guardians dropping off items should leave the item on the cart outside the front door. If the cart is not available, ring the doorbell and alert the front office that an item is being dropped off.
    • Please label your item (or bag) with your student's name. You must notify your student that you have dropped off an item.
    • The school cannot be responsible for items left for pick up.
    • Only parents or guardians can drop off an item. We do not allow restaurants or food delivery services to drop off food for students.