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Parent Digital Citizenship

  • Our SCHOLARS' lives are influenced and heavily defined by their online experiences and technology ingestion. It is imperative that PARENTS are knowledgeable about how they can best support and protect their children.

    Digital Citizenship Modules

    This includes information about digital footprints, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying & Digital Drama, Online Relationships & Communications, Privacy &security, and Self-image & Identity

    Parent Digital Citizenship Videos from GoEnnounce 

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    Common Sense Media

    Know you're making the best possible choices for your kids.

    Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading independent source for media recommendations and advice for families.

    Family Toolbox | Common Sense Education

    Connecting Families

    Connecting Families is designed to support and empower families in raising kids who think critically, participate responsibly, and behave ethically in their online lives.


Student Digital Citizenship

  • Help students take ownership of their digital lives.

    All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.

     Common Sense digital citizenship topics include media balance, cyberbullying, news and media literacy, online privacy, digital footprint, and communication.

     Students in each grade level completed five Digital Citizenship Lessons

     Common Sense Digital Compass™ | Educational games for kids to help teach digital citizenship and digital literacy skills.

    Digital Compass by Common Sense Education teaches students the fundamentals of digital citizenship through a choose-your-own-path interactive game, designed for grades 6–8.
    Digital Compass

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