Checking Students Out During the School Day

  • Please note that due to COVID safety protocols currently in place, the student check out process has been adjusted.


    If a parent or guardian needs to check out a student at a specific time, the following process must be followed by the student and parent/guardian:

    • The student should bring to the attendance office a checkout note before school, the day of check out.
    • The note needs to include:
      • Signature of parent/guardian
      • Phone number, should the attendance office need to reach you
      • Reason for check out
      • Check out time
    • The attendance office will issue a checkout pass to the student.
    • When it is time for the student to leave, the student will show the teacher the checkout pass issued by the attendance office.
    • The student must check out through the attendance office before leaving campus. Because prior approval was already given, the parent/guardian is not required to check out the student.

    Emergency checkouts:

    If you need to check out a student, and a note was not sent in with your student, a parents/guardians must call or email the attendance office with the students check out approval and time. The attendance office will verify your call or email. Please note that students cannot be checked out (without a pre-approved note) after 2:50 pm.

    At the checkout time, the attendance office will request that your student report to the attendance office and wait for the parent/guardian to arrive. When arriving at the school, please ring the doorbell and alert the front office that you are here to pick up an arranged checkout. The attendance clerk will come to you and ask you to sign your student out and check your ID.

    Please remember that only parents/guardians and individuals identified on your emergency contact information in Infinite Campus can check your student out.

    Attendance Office: 470-254-2503