• Parking Requests are Closed at this time.

    Students who are confirmed to park for the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year will receive an email on the evening of August 3rd. Students, please check your Fulton County email at that time.




    The parking application for the 2022-2023 school year is now available. All eligible students  must be logged in to their fultonschools email to apply. Space is limited, so parking is open to juniors and seniors only. Seniors will be given first priority and eligible juniors will be selected at random. Participation in extra-curricular activities and clubs does not give priority for parking. Students with excessive tardies, skipping, or discipline issues will not receive parking privileges or may lose them during the semester. Please contact Coach Henson (hensondc@fultonschools.org) with any questions.


    STUDENTS can apply with the online application below and will need to be logged in to their FCS Microsoft account to apply.

    Student Parking Application


    The application for parking for 2022- 2023 is now available for Seniors and Juniors. Please note, parking is $100 for school year. 

    Students must have a valid driver's license to apply for parking on campus. It is important that students fill out this application, as there are important policies and procedures that must be followed in order to maintain their parking privilege. This application information will also be used as a contact for all eligible students. 

    Payment for parking will be available online and sent to APPROVED STUDENTS.

    At this time, we have 250 on-campus spaces available for students and we anticipate almost 350 applications. This number could go down as construction continues on our campus. Unfortunately, our campus does not have room for all students that want to drive and park on campus. Qualifications for parking will be based on the following criteria:

    • Seniors w/ Work Based Learning, IB Classes, Dual Enrollment, TAG Internship, and Non-Attendance Virtual School
    • Seniors
    • Juniors w/ Work Based Learning, IB Classes, Dual Enrollment, TAG Internship, and Non-Attendance Virtual School
    • Juniors (students with ISS & OSS are disqualified; students with minimal tardies will be given priority)

    We understand that several of our students participate in multiple extra-curricular activities around the school and driving is a huge convenience for these students. However, since we cannot prioritize one extra-curricular over another, we will only be using the above criteria to determine parking spots.

    STUDENTS can apply with the online application below. We do ask that students, and not parents, apply so they read and understand all rules and regulations.


    This application is for registering a vehicle for students for the purpose of securing a parking permit. The Fulton County School District and the Centennial High School Principal allow student parking permits to be issued upon application and payment of a parking fee. Rules and regulations pertaining to parking and operation of vehicles are provided for all applicants. Completion of this application shall be construed as acceptance of the parking and operation rules and regulations. Students are not allowed to leave campus without properly checking out; students cannot access their car during the school day; students cannot leave campus to get lunch. Violation of rules and regulations will result in removal of parking privileges.

    Students who need to apply for parking due to change of circumstances throughout the year may do so at that time. Approval for future parking in the school year will be based upon availability.