College Applications and Transcript Reminders

  • For seniors who are applying to schools with a January 1 through January 5 deadline, requests for transcripts and recommendation letters are due by December 2. The school is closed for the holiday break from December 17 through January 2, 2023. No requests will be processed during the holiday break.

    When planning for applications, seniors should remember that the Counseling Department requires ten school days to process transcripts, forms, and letters, as they cannot be processed after school hours, on weekends, or on holidays.

    Additional reminders:

    • All transcripts must be requested through Naviance. Seniors should ensure they add colleges to the "Applying List." It is important that seniors state in Naviance how they apply to the college - Common App or directly to the college.)
    • Ensure that the application deadline is correct in Naviance. Deadlines need to be absolutely correct in the Common App and Naviance to ensure documents arrive at the applied college on time.
    • To process transcripts and letters of recommendation, the Senior Information Survey, located under "Important Tasks," must be completed in Naviance.
    • When using the Common App, the FERPA Waiver section must be completed to allow teachers and counselors to send documents to colleges.
    • Always ask a teacher before submitting their name as a recommender. Colleges that require a teacher letter will only request one to three. Do not request a letter from more than three teachers for one college.

    For more information on requesting transcripts, adding colleges in Naviance, and requesting letters of recommendation, view the Naviance Help videos and review the College Application Process. This series will help seniors navigate the various functions of college applications.

College Application Process

  • NavianceThe following resources are available to assist seniors and parents/guardians in navigating the college application process using Naviance. If you have questions, please contact your Cambridge counselor; they are here to help you. To provide important information as it relates to the senior year, the Cambridge Counseling Department created the presentation given on August 23, 2022. 

    Senior Presentation 2022


    College Application Checklist

    • In Naviance, complete the Senior Information Survey 2022-2023 by September 16.
    • Submit the Weighted vs. Unweighted Transcript Selection form if you choose not to have your transcript weighted by September 16.
    • Add colleges to Naviance once they are determined.
    • Connect Naviance and Common App (if using Common App to apply to colleges).
    • Waive FERPA Rights in Common App.
    • Add non-Common App colleges to Naviance.
    • In Naviance, request college transcripts ten school days before the college's deadline. Continue to work on the application up to the deadline, if needed.
    • Request teacher recommendation letters in Naviance ten school days before the deadline. Please ask the teacher's permission first before submitting their name.
    • Parents/Guardians can submit the Parent Response form (see below) to provide information about their seniors to help counselors/teachers write a recommendation. Please email the completed form to the assigned counselor.
    • Check Naviance to ensure that each college shows the correct format for applying (Common App or applying directly to college). Ensure all due dates are accurate.
    • Check each college's portal to ensure all documents have been received by their deadline.
    • Check both your FCS student email and your personal email for important information that may be sent to you from the colleges to which you applied.


    • Naviance is accessed through ClassLink using the student's FCS user ID and password.
    • For college application deadlines of January 1, 2023, through January 8, 2023, the Counseling Department will need all requests submitted by December 1, 2022. Keep in mind that the Counseling Office is closed during the holiday break.

Handouts and Required Forms

Naviance Help Vidos

  • Naviance has created a series of videos listed below that will help navigate the various functions for college applications. 

Building a List of Colleges

Editing Colleges I am applying to

Common App Matching in Naviance

Teacher Letter of Recommendations

Requesting College Transcripts in Naviance