IB Program Policy Information

  • The International Baccalaureate Organization requires that all authorized school have the following policies in place and the purpose of each is outlined below.

    • WHS Academic Access/Special Education Policy
    • WHS Academic Integrity Policy
    • WHS Assessment Policy
    • WHS Language Policy

    WHS Academic Access/Special Education Policy

    The aim of this policy is to challenge the use of diagnostic categories (labels) to remove barriers to learning and to move beyond the labels and the negative associations to empower students. The purpose is to outline what the diagnostic categories (labels) are, why they are problematic and identify appropriate learning and teaching strategies, and resources to remove barriers to learning. It addresses the IB standards and practices, approaches to teaching and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). It is intended for all members of the school community involved in removing barriers to learning.

    WHS Academic Integrity Policy

    As part of the IB’s educational goal to award reliable, fair and recognized outcomes to our students through valid assessments, this policy has been created to ensure a common understanding of the IB’s academic integrity principle. Results cannot be fair if some students have had an unreasonable advantage over others. Academic integrity is a responsibility of the whole IB community. By making the IB’s commitment to academic integrity transparent, this document outlines the responsibilities and expectations of different stakeholders across the IB community. 

    WHS Assessment Policy

    The assessment policy should includes a philosophy of assessment that supports student learning. It should include common practices in using the MYP and DP assessment criteria, determining achievement levels, recording and reporting assessment. The assessment policy describes how the school will implement MYP and DP assessment taking into account local/state/national requirements.

    WHS Language Policy

    A language policy is derived from the school’s language philosophy and is a statement of purpose that outlines goals for language teaching and learning. It is constructed around pedagogical and learning beliefs and is therefore also a statement of action describing practices for achieving and evaluating goals.