HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship Applications

HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants

  • The HOPE Scholarship program is for students that have demonstrated academic achievement and are seeking a college degree. There are several ways to become eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, either by graduating from high school as a HOPE Scholar or by earning it while in college.

    • The HOPE Grant program is for students seeking a technical certificate or diploma, regardless of the student's high school grade point average or graduation date. 
    • The Zell Miller Scholarship Program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and are seeking a college degree. Generally, to become eligible, a student must graduate from an eligible high school with a 3.70 GPA and a minimum score on the SAT/ACT. 

    For more information, please review the HOPE Scholarship Regulations.

    • The HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and HOPE Grant pay a certain amount for tuition. The amount of the award depends on the type of school the student is attending, the number of credit hours the student is enrolled, and the specific tuition rate for the college. 

    For more information, please review the Award Amounts.


Fried Goldberg LLC Scholarship

  • The Georgia Supreme Court recently ruled that Snapchat could be sued for having a feature that allowed people to record their speed while driving because a teenager was attempting to record himself at speeds in excess of 150 mph and lost control of his vehicle, causing an accident. Snapchat was aware in the past that other teenagers had been posting photos using the feature to show themselves driving at excessive speeds.

    To participate in this year’s Scales of Justice Scholarship contest, write an essay taking a position either for or against holding Snapchat responsible for the accident and explain your reasoning behind your decision.

    Awards: First place - $2,500; Second place - $1,000; Third place -  $1,000
    Open to: High school seniors and senior-level home school students who are residents of Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb and Clayton counties
    Submissions are accepted from March 27, 2023.
    Entry deadline: May 1, 2023.

    How to Apply:

    1. Please send essays to evita@friesgoldberg.com.
    2. Link to our website: https://www.friedgoldberg.com/scholarship/

Sparkling Ice Flavorful Futures $5,000 Scholarship

  • Applications must meet ALL the following criteria:

    • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.
    • Must be a high school senior graduating between August 1, 2022 and July 31, 2023.
    • Must have a cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4 point scale (high school/home schooled seniors).
    • Must enroll for Fall 2023 as a freshman or 1st year student in part-time or full-time study at a 2-year, 4-year, college, university, trade or vocational school. The school must be an accredited U.S. institution, and listed on the official website for the U.S. Department of Education.
    • Must not be a relative or dependent child of an employee of Talking Rain or any of its retail customers.

    Items to gather and details to consider before you apply:

    • Calculate your GPA.
    • Read the Eligibility Criteria.
    • Read the Terms and Conditions.
    • Create an original video that shows us who you are in 3 minutes or less.

    For eligibility and to apply, visit Flavorful Futures.

Grace Woodruff Scholarship

  •  The Purpose of the Grace Woodruff Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships to deserving high school graduating seniors intending to pursue a course of study at either a two-year or four-year educational institution.

    The Grace Woodruff Scholarship Fund will award $1,000 to three girls in each state: South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. NOTE: Scholarship funds will be awarded to the student upon evidence of registration in an accredited higher educational institution.

    Criteria and eligibility

    1.Applicant must be a senior high school girl in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia who agrees to complete the IAB HOPE Mentoring Workshop and participate in IAB virtual events during the 2022-2023 school year.

    2.Applicant must have at least a 2.5 grade point average (or a “C” average).

    3.Applicant must demonstrate community involvement, dedication to academic achievement, and commitment to attend college.

    4.All applicants must have or commit to earning 10 hours of community service.

    5.Applicant will receive extra points on the scholarship application for having an intended college major in Education.

    6.Applicants must be willing to attend the scholarship recognition ceremony virtually hosted by IAB.


     General Instructions

    1.Deadline for the scholarship application is May 1, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. EST (No exceptions).

    2.Refer to the application process below for a list of the supporting documents needed (i.e., reference forms, evidence of GPA, etc.) Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    3.If any question does not apply to you in this application, please put N/A in the space.

    4.Type and print legibly. Illegible applications will not be considered. You may also download a copy of the application online at www.iambeautiful.org

    5.You will be notified by email in June regarding the status of your application.

    6.If you have any questions about the application once you have attended the mandatory workshop, please call the Executive Director, Jennifer Hammond at (470) 721-7890.

    Please mail the complete application packet to:

    I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Inc.

    Grace Woodruff Scholarship Fund Program

    ATTN: Scholarship Committee 4850 Golden Parkway, B230 Buford, Georgia 30518

Sally Fitzgerald Scholarship

  • The NFC PTA is a group of local unit PTAs and PTSAs located in North Fulton County organized by the authorization of the Georgia PTA. Its purpose is to promote conferences, leadership training and coordination of efforts of the local PTAs and PTSAs in its membership. The NFC PTA is governed by its bylaws and elected officers.

    The monetary award for this scholarship is provided by voluntary donations from the local units of the NFC PTA, individual members, and private donations. The dollar amount of the scholarship is determined annually based upon all donations received.  Individuals, PTA/PTSA members, clubs, friends and corporations may donate directly by sending a check to, NFC PTA Treasurer, c/o The Teaching Museum North, 793 Mimosa Blvd, Roswell, GA 30075.  For further information on donating, please email president@nfcpta.com.

    You will be notified by email confirming receipt of your complete application package by 5:00 pm, Friday, March 24, 2023.  If you do not receive a confirmation by this time, please email both marineli@dalcerro.com and president@nfcpta.com.


    • You are in the graduating class of 2023 from a high school in North Fulton County with a PTSA in good standing with Georgia PTA and NFC PTA, who is planning on enrolling in a post-secondary course of study (certification program, technical college, or university);
    • You are a member of your high school PTSA; and
    • You have been active in your community in extracurricular, service-oriented, and/ or citizenship activities.

    For more information and to review application procedures, visit NFCPTA Sally Fitzgerald Scholarship.

The Hagan Scholarship

  • The Hagan Scholarship is a national need-based merit scholarship designed to provide recipients with the opportunity to graduate college debt-free. Applicants must attend a traditional public high school governed by a school district. For eligibility information, visit Hagan Scholarship Foundation. The deadline to apply is April 20, 2023.

GEICC Scholarship

  • GEICC scholarship criteria:

    1.  A minimum of five (5) – $1000 scholarships are available to be awarded.

    2.  Applicants must be a high school senior in the state of Georgia.

    3.  A GPA of 2.5 or better is required to apply.

    4. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, sex, creed, national origin, or disability.

    5. Students must submit an application in its entirety no later than 5:00 p.m., Sunday, April 2, 2023

    6. If selected, the recipient grants GEICC the right to use their name and photo(s) publicly for various publicity campaigns.

    7. Please provide a PDF version of your latest transcript and photo in order to complete this application.

    Click here to begin the application process


Coca-Cola Scholars Program

  • The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to students in their final year of high school. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. With the 34th class in 2022, the Foundation has provided over 6,600 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than $78 million in educational support. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship.  

    For more information on available scholarships and to apply.

GAfutures Resources

Naviance Scholarship Database

  • Students can access the Naviance Scholarship Date base by logging in through Classlink. The database can be accessed under the Colleges tab, Scholarship, and Money. 

Other Resources and Scholarship Searches

  • Scholarship websites offer research tools that can help you find leads on potential scholarships for which you may want to apply. Keep in mind that when utilizing an online scholarship search, you are not guaranteed a scholarship. The searches are merely a way to inform you of available scholarships that match your personal profile. Once you complete the free scholarship search, you will see a list of scholarships for which you should be eligible and all the information you need to apply.