• Physical Education 

    Alpharetta High School Physical Education departments will conduct Personal Fitness waiver testing for students who meet the requirements for option 3 from November 30th – December 2. Student applications should be submitted to Coach Lassiat or Mr. Dice on or before November 15, 2021.

    Option 3:  Students who have completed 2 consecutive seasons of a GHSA sport OR Marching Band, participate in and successfully achieve the “Healthy Fitness Zone” level in all 5 phases of the FITNESSGRAM test, and complete and pass a written “content knowledge” exam for Personal Fitness. Students are allowed one attempt to waiver personal fitness. Students who do not successfully complete and pass all sections of the waiver process will be enrolled in a Personal Fitness class.


    Session 1

    November 30  – Pacer, sit and reach, Height and Weight

    Session 2

    December 1, 2012   – Push-ups, Sit-ups

    Session 3

    December 2, 2021   – Written Final exam (study material is located on Coach Lassiat’s website) https://sites.google.com/site/ahsmarclassiat/

    Students wishing to receive a waiver for Personal Fitness must pass all sections of the Fitness Gram testing and score above a 70% on the final exam.

    No makeup sessions or retakes are offered.

    Failure to attend a session will disqualify a student from receiving a Personal Fitness Waiver. 


    Alpharetta Personal Fitness Waiver Memo (PDF)

    Alpharetta Personal Fitness Waiver Application (PDF)

    Alpharetta Personal Fitness Waiver FAQs 2021 (PDF)

    FITNESSGRAM Standards Table (PDF)