Wearing Mask Reminders from FCS

  • Fulton County Schools published the following document (below and at the link) regarding the selecting and wearing of masks while in an FCS facility. 

    As a reminder:

    • Mask wearing is a requirement for all FCS employees, students, and visitors to FCS facilities. The masks must be consistent with CDC recommendations. The CDC says do not wear masks intended for healthcare workers, like N95 respirators. The CDC does not recommend gaiters or face shields as their effectiveness is unknown at the time. 

    • Masks are required by students during face-to-face instruction and while on the school bus. Additionally,
      - The school will have reusable mask available to students who need one
      - Students should not share masks
      - Masks should be worn during CTAE, performing arts, and indoor classes
      - Masks are not required when students are participating in aerobic activities
      - Some low incidence special needs students might be unable to wear a mask for a certain duration, and accommodations will be needed

    • An employee/student may wear a face shield in conjunction with a mask but not instead of wearing a mask.

    • Those refusing to wear a mask will not be allowed in the building or to interact with others.

Face Coverings

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


  • Directional Signage

    To help students navigate safely, signs are being placed throughout the building to indicate a single directional flow, where possible. 

    Direction arrow  Directional arrows  Directional arrows

    One-way Staircases

    Stairwells have been designated as going up or going down.

    Staircase directions  Staircase directions  Staircase directions


    Doors to spaces such as the Student Center have been identified as entrances or exits.

    Door signs   Door signs


Set up for Student Spaces

  • Classrooms

    Desk are spaced to allow for social distancing. 

    Classroom Set up  Desk  classrooms  

    Student Center and Electives Spaces

    These areas are also set up to allow for social distancing.

    Student Center  Chours  Student Center

    Black Box Theater




  • Signage has been added to the cafeteria to provide social distancing directions to students. Seats will be marked off to provide distancing as well. Students will be asked to scan the table QR code and enter their name and table number.

    Cafe  Tables  Lunch sign in

Sanitizing Stations

  • Sanitizing Station  Sanitizing Sation Sanitizer 3

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