Social Studies Department

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    Teacher videos are sorted by department and teacher's last name. See the title to view the teacher and course name.


Coach Bennett - World Geography

Mr. Bordas - U.S. History

Mr. Bordas - AP U.S. History

Mr. Campbell - AP Government & Politics (Upperclassmen)

Mr. Campbell - AP Government (Freshman)

Mr. Coulter - AP Human Geography

Mr. Coulter - World History

Mr. Fulk - Economics

Mr. Fulk - American Government

Ms. Hall - AP U.S. History

Ms. Hall - AP World History

Ms. Haynie - U.S. History

Ms. Haynie - World History

Ms. Heybroek - World History

Mr. Lash - AP World History

Dr. Matthews - U.S. History

Mr. Manos - World History (Presented by Ms. Haynie)

Ms. Pezzolla - AP U.S. Government and Politics

Ms. Pezzolla - Sociology

Ms. Pezzolla & Ms. Heybroek - World History

Ms. Rhodes - World History

Ms. Rhodes - AP Psychology

Mr. Schuler - AP European History

Mr. Schuler - AP Art History

Mr. Stone - Economics

Ms. Stone - U.S. History

Mr. Wallace - AP Economics