English Department

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    Teacher videos are sorted by department and teacher's last name. See the title to view the teacher and course name.


Ms. Bitting & Ms. Hart - 10th Grade Literature

Ms. Bitting - 10th Honors Literature

Ms. Bitting - AP Language

Ms. Butler & Mr. Westray - 11th American Literature

Ms. Butler - 9th Grade Honors Literature

Mr. Cleary - American Literature & Composition

Ms. Farnham - 9th Grade Literature

Ms. Farnham - Multicultural Literature

Ms. Garcia - 9th Honors Literature

Ms. Garicia - 10th Honors Literature

Ms. Garcia - Yearbook

Dr. Gingrich - AP Language

Dr. Gingrich - Multicultural Literature

Coach Glenn - 10th Grade Literature

Ms. Hart - American Literature

Ms. Hart - Multicultural Literature

Ms. Hudson - 9th Grade Literature

Ms. Hudson & Ms. Muta - 9th Grade Literature

Ms. Hudson & Ms. Muta - 10th Grade Literature

Dr. Karschnik - 11th Literature & Composition Honors

Dr. Karschnik - Advanced Literature & Composition

Dr. Karshnik - AP Literature & Composition

Ms. Lee - 10th Grade Literature

Mr. McDearmon - 10th Honors Literature

Mr. McDearmon - Journalism

Ms. Muta - 9th Grade Literature

Ms. Muta - 10th Literature

Ms. Rice & Ms. Hart - Multicultural Literature

Ms. Rice & Ms. Heybroek - Multicultural Literature

Ms. Sheara - 9th Grade Literature Honors

Ms. Sheara - 11th Literature Honors

Ms. Sheara - Contemporary Literature and Film

Ms. Smith - 10th Grade Literature

Ms. Smith - Multicultural Literature

Ms. Wren - AP Language and Composition