Career Technical Agriculture Education Department

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    Teacher videos are sorted by department and teacher's last name. See the title to view the teacher and course name.


Mr. Funderburk - Audio Video Tech & Film 1

Mr. Funderburk - Audio Video Tech & Film 2

Mr. Funderburk - Audio Video Tech & Film 3

Mr. Funderburk - The Bridge AVTF 2 - 3

Mr. Gray - Entrepreneurship

Mr. Gray - Business Accounting Pathway

Officer Hart - Law & Justice

Officer Hart - Criminal Justice Essentials

Ms. Masinko - Intro to Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Ms. Masinko - E-Marketing

Ms. Masinko - Advanced Sports Marketing

Mr. Meyer - Forensic Science & Criminal Investigations

Mr. Meyer - Essentials of Fire & Emergency Services

Ms. Nerswick - Basic Agriculture Science

Ms. Nerswick - Agribusiness Management & Leadership

Ms. Nerswick - Small Animal Care

Ms. Paulus - Introduction to Business Technology

Ms. Paulus - Introduction to Digital Technology

Ms. Paulus - Principals of Marketing

Mr. Thompson - Engineering Concepts

Mr. Thompson - Foundations of Engineering & Technology

Mr. Thompson - Engineering Applications

Ms. White - Animal Science

Ms. White - Veterinary Science

Ms. Yarrington - AP Computer Science Principles

Ms. Yarrington - Digital Design

Ms. Yarrington - Web Design