Community Updates for the 2020-21 School Year

  • FCS Community Updates

    Fulton County Schools provides regular board meeting reports and news updates to our community to help keep families informed of the important issues that impact our district. 

  • FCS Community Update for January 13, 2021

    In this issue: Jan 12 Post-Meeting Update; Election of New School Board Officers; COVID-19 Update; Revised Quarantine Guidance; Universal Remote Leave (URL) Update; Student, Teacher and Parent/Guardian Bill of Rights; Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) Process Under Review; SPLOST funds used to pay off last general obligation bond for Fulton County Schools; Fulton Full-Time Online School Application Opens January 25.

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  • FCS Community Update for December 11, 2020

    In this issue: Dec. 10 Post-meeting Update; Farewell to Board Member Linda Bryant; New Board Member Sworn In; COVID-19 Update; Free COVID-19 Testing; Construction and IT Updates; Second Semester Commitment Survey; Deadline for STEM Magnet Schools; K-8 Community Forums; Holiday Giving

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  • FCS Community Update for December 2, 2020

    In this issue: Dec. 1 Post-Meeting Update; Board Members Sworn In; Dec. 11 Deadline Reminder for Commitment Survey; COVID-19 Update; Virtual School and Program Evaluation Updates; Dec. 7 Online Community Forum set for K-8 Model; Textbook Adoption; Deadline for STEM Magnet Schools is December 15

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  • FCS Community Update for November 20, 2020

    In this issue: November 19 Post-Meeting Update; Remembering Westlake Principal Jamar Robinson; Remote Learning Days: November 30 and December 1; Commitment Survey; Change to School Calendar; COVID-19 Update; Free COVID-19 Testing: November 29; Staying Healthy During the Holidays; Academics Update; K-8 Model for Conley Hills ES and Hapeville ES; Increase in Substitute Pay; Textbook Adoption; Students produce Text4Help video; State Board of Education withdraws 10% EOC proposal;

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  • FCS Community Update for November 11, 2020

    In this issue: 11/10 Work Session Update; Innovation Academy and Global Impact Academy; Drop-out/Graduation Rates; Enrollment Trends; COVID-19 Update; K-8 Model for Conley Hills ES and Hapeville ES; Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Parameters; Review of Agenda Items; November 19 Board Meeting.

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  • FCS Community Update for October 22, 2020

    In this update: Board Meeting Update, Board Matters, Election Day, COVID-19 Update, SAT & ACT, GaDOE Feedback

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  • FCS Community Update for October 15, 2020

    In this update: Return to Face-to-Face Instruction; Student COVID-19 Reporting Portal; Superintendent’s Contract Extension; 2020 ACT Scores; Application Window for New STEM High Schools.

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  • FCS Community Update for September 18, 2020

    In this update: September 17 Board Meeting Report; URL Survey; Census Reminder; FCSTV Video Lessons

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  • FCS Community Update for September 9, 2020

    In this update: September 8 Board Meeting Report; Proposed K-8 School Model; FCS Reopening Matrix Update; Financial Update; Universal Remote Learning Survey; Census Deadline Sept 30

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  • FCS Community Update for August 21, 2020

    In this update: August 20th Board Meeting Report; School Reopening Matrix; Back to School Update; Free & Reduced Meal Applications

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  • District Operational Updates

    Grading Practices (9/28/20)

    Below is an update regarding grading practices as part of an ongoing follow up to Universal Remote Learning, effective September 21 (Phase 3). This grading guidance will end at the end of the 2020 semester.

    The following changes will be in effect moving forward for every school while in URL:

    • Quizzes are to be considered as summative assessments
    • Students will have one (1) attempt to redo/retake an assessment
    • Students who achieve a 79 or less (less than an 80) are eligible for a redo/retake.
    • Students can earn up to an 89 on a replacement grade on a redo/retake
    • Student redo/retakes must be completed 10 school days prior to the end of the semester.

    These changes take into account students coming into the building and more face to face and simultaneous instruction occurring. 



    Mask Protocols (9/28/20)

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), face coverings are one of our best defenses against COVID-19. Masks worn correctly and consistently, along with the of use of social distancing strategies and good hygiene practices (like handwashing), can help stop the spread of COVID-19. All FCS students returning to face-to-face instruction, as well as bus riders, are expected to wear face coverings.

    FCS Protocol for Face Coverings



    Student Passwords (9/28/20)

    To reduce unauthorized access to student accounts, the Information Technology Division advises all students to change their passwords. The guidance below is for students with Windows devices. Information for iPads and Chromebooks will be shared shortly.

    Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain 3 of the following:

    • At least 1 uppercase letter (A, B, C)
    • At least 1 lowercase letter (a, b, c)
    • At least 1 number (1, 2, 3)
    • At least 1 special character (#, %, etc)
    • Cannot be the same as a previously used password
    • Cannot contain the username

    A blue FCS IT Support app will begin appearing on student Windows Desktops (see the attached directions with screenshots). If students do not see the icon, they will need to restart the device and the blue icon should appear. Students can click on the blue icon and change the password at any time. This icon will remain on student Windows devices.

    Shortly after students (grades 4-12) return to F2F learning, they will receive a “popup” to prompt them to change their passwords if they have not done so already. Students can cancel the pop-up, but it will continue to popup periodically (when students are on an FCS network only) until they change their passwords. Early learners (grades K-3) can also change their passwords, but they will not get a popup reminder to allow school staff or parents to help early learners at their convenience. To change passwords, students should:

    • Reboot their computer – Start > Power > Restart
    • Launch the app
    • Click “Change My Password”
    • Enter their current password and then a new password. (Note: students can type in their current password and then click “Suggest Password” for a new password suggestion.)
    • Click “Submit.”

    If remote students need assistance, they should contact the FCS Remote Learning Hotline (470-254-2300). Students who are coming to the building for face to face instruction can get help from a member of the school device team.