• TRY TO RESOLVE ERROR MESSAGES OR BLUE SCREEN: i.e., "Windows license will expire soon."

    To fix this problem, students must come to an FCS building where they can access the county wifi. They should restart their computer connected to the wifi. This will renew their license. "We can’t sign you in with this credential because your domain isn’t available."

    • You need to make sure your FCS device is connected to your organization’s network and try again.
    • Make sure that wifi is turned on the computer! Sometimes that’s all it is.
    • If the wifi icon has an asterisk on the top right and cannot be turned on, you will need a new laptop.
    • If wifi is on but they are getting that error, they should come to any FCS school building where you can access the county wifi.  *Look for the WIFI Access Point (in the EPMS carpool lane).
    • Come to an FCS school, restart your computer while connected to the WIFI. This should fix the problem for most people. (see the steps below).
    • If this doesn’t work, they will need to call the hotline again. It seems that for some, connecting to FCS wifi is still not fixing the issue.



    1. Make sure the laptop is fully charged.
    2. Power Down - Hold until you hear it click off, and the screen is entirely black, and the power light is off.
      Power Up - Immediately start hitting the F8, repeatedly, quickly, until you see a screen pop up with various options.
    3. Start in Safe Mode (Select the number, i.e., 4 or 5, or the number that corresponds)
    4. Log in and password
    5. Click on the Microsoft Windows start button (lower-left corner of the screen)
    6. Select the power button (on display) and do a restart
    7. Go home and restart on your home internet 1-2 more times. Each time the computer restarts, this process will be faster.
    8. If this does not work, it is time to call the URL Hotline.



    Q: Why are these "error" messages happening?

    A: This is an update issue.  You need to update the FCS laptop regularly.  At least once a week.  When you fail to update the device, the updates get caught up.  The laptop has been shut down improperly, corrupting the updates. The device has gone too long without being updated.

    Q: How to avoid "error" messages?

    A: "Shut down" the laptop correctly using the "power" icon (locates on the display screen, do a "Restart" weekly, and check for "Updates" weekly. 


    Q:  How do I correctly "Shut down" the laptop?

    A:   At the end of each day, use the on-screen "power" icon (lower left-hand corner of the screen) to shut down the laptop. Wait until the computer completely shuts down, turns black, and all lights go off. Please do not press the "power button" next to the keyboard to turn off the laptop. Only use this button to turn on the computer.