• Universal Remote Leaning at Cambridge: Q&A

    Taken from community meeting 8.13.20


    1. How does my student check his/her Fulton County School email?

      All students in FCS are given a school-safe Microsoft Office 365 account. This account can be accessed through the website,, and includes Outlook. See the Student Devices and Technology on the Cambridge website for Student Account Information. The page also includes FCS Email Guides for setting up your email through a browser, iPhone, or Android.

      We ask students to check their FCS email daily for teacher communications and daily announcements.

    2. What is the daily schedule (or bell schedule)?

      Students will follow the same schedule each day. The schedule (or bell schedule) can be found in various places on the Cambridge website, including on the main page and Universal Remote Learning landing page.

      The daily schedule (or bell schedule) includes lunch (where students do not need to report and are free during the 45 minutes), advisement/homeroom, and teacher office hours. Please note, due to the unique bell schedule for Universal Remote Learning, a student’s Infinite Campus schedule will not reflect the correct start/end times for each period. Students should refer to the URL bell schedule.

    3. Will the URL daily schedule (or bell schedule) remain the same when we return to face-to-face?

      Yes, the structure of class periods and advisement/homeroom will remain the same but there will be minor adjustments to the start/end times of classes.

    4. Is there a list of school supplies?

      If specific supplies are needed for a class, that teacher will include those supplies in his/her syllabus.

    5. How do courses like P.E. or Chorus work in URL?

      Just like other courses. Students sign into that course’s Team to meet with the assigned teacher.

    6. Can you provide more information regarding the Senior Reduced Course Load Opportunity?

      The email sent to parents/guardians, and students can be found on the Cambridge website under Seniors and Graduation. It includes an outline of the opportunity, considerations that families must review before making this choice, and a sample letter that your counselor will prepare for you if you select this option. To express your interest in the program, complete the form found in the announcement.

    7. How are absences counted, and what if my student must miss class because they are ill, or they have an appointment?

      Students will be marked present for daily course attendance if the student performs one of the following actions: participates in the synchronous lesson or has direct contact with the teacher or submits an assignment in the Teams platform. If a student cannot attend “live” due to connectivity or technology issues, the student should reach out through Teams to log into the class, get information or view what was missed, and contact the teacher to alert of presence.  It is the student’s responsibility to reach out to the teacher to correct attendance before the end of the day.  The teacher will record attendance daily, however, should a student make contact to alert of presence after the school day ends, the teacher will correct the student’s attendance by Friday of that week. 

    1. How does class instruction look? Is it similar to the spring? Do students need a camera and microphone to participate in class?

      Yes, students will need to ensure they have a camera and microphone to participate in Teams. Student FCS devices have cameras and microphones.

      Classroom instruction will be a combination of live instruction from the teacher through Teams (synchronous) and time for working on assignments independently or in groups. Teachers will post lesson plans each week that outlines the activities for each day of the week.

      More information regarding classroom instruction can be found in the Universal Remote Learning section of our website.

    2. How are team-taught classes conducted?

      Both teachers will be in the class through Teams. They will use the functionality of Teams to break out in small groups when necessary.

    3. What if I am not receiving parent/guardian communications for the school?

      To ensure you are receiving emails from either a teacher or the school, check your Campus Portal to ensure the correct email is listed for all guardians. If an email is incorrect, you can update the email in the app.

      Mass notifications and newsletters from Cambridge, and the District, pull email information from Infinite Campus. If your email information is correct, first check your spam or junk folders for emails from Cambridge High School. If you have unsubscribed from receiving emails from our email platform, our emails will be blocked. If you are still having issues, please send an email to Carol Bybee at

    4. What platform will be used for classes?

      All classes will be conducted using the Microsoft Teams platform. If students need help getting started using Teams, view the First Day of School: Getting Started with Teams document on our website.

      Parents/guardians who are not familiar with Microsoft Teams can view videos and other resources on the Universal Remote Learning section, URL Parent Resources

    5. Will there be changes to the final exam exemption incentive?

      During Universal Remote Learning, there will not be an exemption incentive.

    6. Will there be school pictures?

      Yes, as soon as it is possible to do so. We may have to be creative this year to ensure we capture this year’s important milestones and memories.

    7. Can students receive the same information that parents/guardians receive in the weekly newsletter?

      Students will receive daily announcements sent their FCS email account and posted to The same information that parents receive in the weekly newsletter is also communicated in daily student announcements.

    8. Where do students receive assignments if they miss a class?

      Teachers will video each class and post the videos, as well as all assignments, to the class Teams.

    9. What are the criteria for schools to reopen face-to-face?

      Fulton County Schools has developed a reopening matrix that outlines a data-based plan to phase into face-to-face instruction.

    10. Will we have PAWS or GROWL?

      No, we will not offer these programs at this time. Students will follow a consistent schedule each day.

    11. Can tests be retaken?

      Students will be permitted to redo, resubmit, and/or retake summative assignments up to three times for a higher score. Students should contact the teacher concerning retake opportunities.  Cambridge recommends that students attempt a retake opportunity within two weeks from being notified of their initial assignment grade to keep students on track with current material.  Retakes must be taken by Friday, December 4th, to comply with Board Policy that all work must be turned in 10 days before the end of the semester. For more information on grading, see Classroom Instruction under Universal Remote Learning.

    12. How will meetings be held: 504 plan, teacher conferences, administrator, or counseling meetings?

      Face to face meetings will be held through Teams calls. A link will be sent to you via email by the person setting up the meeting. To join the meeting, you only need to click on the link. This can be done on your mobile device or computer. 

    1. Will teachers teach from the school or remotely?

      Our teachers are here in the building and will instruct from their classrooms. Because teachers are in their classrooms, with the door closed, they will teach without a mask.

    2. What are the expectations for receiving email responses from teachers?

      Teachers have up to 48 hours to respond to an email.

    3. Will teachers review all policies and expectations with their students?

      Each teacher will have a syllabus for each course that includes the expectations for the class and supplies that may be needed.  All teachers will review the syllabus in the first few days of class.
    1. How will TAG work?

      Students taking AP and honors courses meet their TAG requirements. Other options are currently being developed including the options for TAG seminars.
      for options to meet TAG requirements.

    2. Will sports activities be held?

      Cambridge will follow the current guidance from Fulton County Schools. Fall sports are practicing with a delayed competition start of September 14.

    3. Will clubs still meet?

      Yes, clubs are currently forming that will meet remotely. A complete list of clubs with descriptions will be forthcoming and posted to under activities.

    4. Will there be a Virtual Curriculum (or Open House) so that parents/guardians can meet their students’ teachers?

      We are currently working on this solution and will have more information available soon.

    5. What is advisement (or homeroom), and do I need to sign into my advisement Team?

      Advisement is a 30-minute period that students must sign in to each day. After attendance, students may be released to work on assignments, or attend an activity sponsored by the school, or to provide information. Beginning the second week of school, advisement teachers will be delivering a social and emotional program on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Advisement class will appear as period 8 on a student’s schedule.

    6. What if my student is having problems with his/her device or cannot log in to the platform?

      Contact the Remote Hot Line at 470-254-2300. More information regarding student devices, troubleshooting, and technology help, see Student Devices and Technology. If you are getting a message about the Microsoft License expiring, please bring the computer to the bus canopy and restart the computer.  This should reset everything for you.  Please know you can do this from your car in the bus canopy.

    7. Can I update parent/guardian contact information in Campus Portal?

      Yes, email and phone numbers can be updated in the portal.

    8. Will the student take the PSAT this year?

      We are planning to administer the PSAT if we are back in the school building as currently, the PSAT is a pencil-based exam.

    9. What is the timeline for when grades on the summative assessment will be posted in Infinite Campus?

      Teachers will post grades within 48 hours.