Robust Advisory

  • In addition to the counseling services, Innovation Academy provides a robust advisory program that includes staff, corporate, and peer mentorships for each student.  This additional support will help students feel connected and involved in their school and larger community. 


    Counselor – IA’s comprehensive counseling program will focus on responding to students’ academic, social, emotional and whole-person needs to help each person reach their maximum potential. 

    • Individual Academic Planning – 4-year plan for graduation and beyond 
    • Small Group Counseling - stress management, goal setting, self-advocacy etc. 
    • Large Group Assemblies – community partners on various topics 
    • Consultations – working with students’ teachers, mentors, parents, etc. 
    • Post-Secondary Planning – finding the right landing spot after high school 
    • Crisis Management – referral to supplemental mental and academic resources 


    Staff – Every student will be paired with a staff member for one year.   

    • YouScience Consultant -assists in interpreting performance measures of aptitudes 
    • Project Consultant - provides feedback with capstone and other projects 
    • Resource Consultant – guides to support resources (tutor, counseling, etc…) 


    Corporate – Students are paired with a corporate mentor for one year.   

    • Check Ins – monthly collaboration on projects and career guidance  
    • Lunch Meetings – semester luncheons to strengthen relationships 
    • Workplace Experience – shadowing & internships for workplace exposure 


    Peer Mentor – Students will mentor a younger student and be mentored by an older student. 

    • Friend – be supportive, a good listener, someone that can be depended on 
    • Protector – help keep your peer free from harm 
    • Consultant – provide advice to help your peer strive