Cap and Gown Distribution

  • Caps and Gowns ordered through your Graduation Package before April 1 will be distributed on Monday during all lunches on Monday, April 18. Please make sure you pick up your cap and gown during that time. To assist with distribution, seniors should have their "Graduation ID" ready. IDs have been assigned to each senior and will be used for distribution, graduation rehearsal, and graduation lineup. It is important that you know your graduation ID.


Graduation Name Card - Due May 6, 2022

  • During the graduation ceremony, each graduate will present the reader with his/her name card that will be used to announce you. Please provide your name, as you would like it to be read, as well as the phonetic spelling to ensure your name is pronounced correctly. Please complete this form by May 6, 2022

    Name Card for Graduation

Caps and Gowns

  • To ensure your cap and gown arrive on time, please order your graduation package as soon as possibleThe 2021 Graduation Package includes:

    • Cambridge custom graduation gown
    • Stole with the Cambridge crest insignia
    • Cap and 2022 tassel
    • Diploma and diploma cover
    • Graduation ceremony and rehearsal venue

    The package price is $160.00, to cover expedited shipping costs. Please know that families in need of assistance can reach out to their Guidance Counselor, or our Social Worker, for assistance. 

    Order today at

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Class of 2022