Residency Verification

  • In accordance with the Fulton County Board policy, all 9th graders must submit proof of residency when moving from middle to high school. To submit proof of residency:Residency Verification

    • Please complete the Residency Verification Form
    • Provide two proofs of residency as outlined on the form.
    • Please only send acceptable documents outline by Fulton County. Do not send documentation without the Residency Verification Form. 

    Please email the completed Residency form with two proofs of residency to:


    9th Grade Proof of Residency forms are due November 20, 2020.

    Proof of Residence

    Proofs of residence are collected upon entering the 9th grade, for new enrollees, and change of address.

    Residency Verification Form


    View the District residence requirements by following the link below.

    Residence Requirements


    Questions regarding Residency Verification should be sent to