Textbook Distribution

  • If you

    • Have not yet collected your textbooks, need to exchange or collect a new book due to schedule changes
    • Need band and orchestra instruments, art supplies, and other materials from the Fine Arts Department

    Please make arrangements with your teacher to pick up items in the front office.

    Learning materials for CBI students will be distributed directly through our Special Education department. Questions should be directed to Lauren Mobley at mobley1@fultonschools.org

Request a Device

  • Please use this form to request a Fulton County Schools device for the school year 2020-2021. This request should only be used for students that DO NOT already have a Fulton County Schools assigned device. If you have a device from a Fulton Middle School, you will keep that device. Please email RHS Device Coordinator Jessica Gaswint with any questions.

New Device Camera Issues

  • If you received a new device from Roswell High School between August 10, 2020 and August 20, 2020 and are having a camera-related issue, please complete the following form.  You will receive an email communication telling you when you can come to the school and switch out your device.  Camera Issue Form

    This form is NOT for other device-related issues.


Device Updates

  • If you have a device, it needs District Updates at the beginning of the semester.  Updates can be made from the school parking lot by accessing the District (FCS) WiFi.  

    • Before coming to campus for device updates, please be sure that you can log on to your device with your username and password.
    • Your device will need to be fully charged when you arrive at the school.
    • If you cannot remember your password, please reset your password using the links below before coming for updates:

                Password Reset Tool
                Password Reset Tool Instructions


Device Troubleshooting

  • If your student has a District issued device, it is important that students charge and turn on their device as soon as possible.

    Students should log in and allow the device to remain online for 30 consecutive minutes to download any Microsoft updates. District updates can only be done by connecting to the FCS network.  This can be accomplished from the RHS Stadium Parking Lot.  Device updates are essential to ensure that all applications work on the first day of school and beyond.   

    Having trouble with your device?

    • If you experience technology issues, contact the District’s Technology Help Line at 470-254-2300 
    • If your hardware is not working or needs to be replaced call the Hotline (470-254-2300) and make an appointment to visit a District Device Hub.  Device Hub Locations