Who We Are

  • IA Students Who we are

    Innovation Academy is a STEM magnet high school that provides an educational experience that will help push students to be creators and problem-solvers for a continuously changing world.

    What we believe

    We believe that effective learning cannot be isolated from the world around us. To truly learn something, people need to be engaged in a real-world environment where they learn to work in teams, communicate effectively, and practice critical analysis and creative problem-solving to understand how the knowledge they gain in class actually helps them after leaving our school. We believe that students learn best when they get to do and redo. Students need to try things, experiment and test; then reflect and try again. 

    What we do

    Our problem-based learning curriculum allows students the freedom to actively engage in their education. They will work in teams to solve complex problems, like providing safe drinking water to people in disaster zones. These projects allow students to gain deep understanding of learning standards by seeing them applied in a real-world setting. 

    Requiring students to complete a career pathway in healthcare science, engineering, or information technology allows students to study STEM standards through the lens of some of the most cutting edge career opportunities in our modern world. This connects core content class objectives with practical applications. 

    Students will complete a self-selected culminating project which ensures students will be able to apply the knowledge they gained in their course work with the less-tangible, but equally important skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.  Employers at all levels claim these skills are most important for students to develop.   Practical application and mastery of all these skills is essential to be a leader in today’s workforce. 

    What we expect

    There are only a  few, although important, requirements to join us at Innovation Academy. 

    We expect our students to be: 

    Passionate: Do you care deeply for one or more subjects whether you are learning in school or on your own? 

    Curious: Do you look for answers to questions even when it takes effort?

    Humble: Are you ok with being wrong? Are you ok seeking out answers by asking others?

    Problem-seekers: Do you like to find challenges in the world around you?

    Problem-solvers: Does it bother you when you don't know the answer to something? Will you work hard to find the answer?

    If you answer yes to these questions and are a hard worker, you will excel at Innovation Academy.