Device Distribution


    Cambridge High School wants to ensure that all students have a functioning Fulton County Schools device if they do not have a personal device to use to access their classes.  Follow the instructions below for the category that describes your device situation:

    If you have an FCS device or your own device that you will be using

    • You will continue to use the same device.
    • Now would be a good time to log in to your device and/or school accounts to ensure everything is working properly and you remember your password.
    • If you have not already performed these technical checks, please do so this week to ensure your device has the latest updates.

      Device Checks for Back to School

    If you have an FCS device, you were given in middle school

    • You will keep the device you received in middle school. For example, students from Hopewell Middle School with a laptop will continue to use that laptop.

    If your FCS device is not functioning

    • Call the Remote Hotline at 470-254-2300, option 8

    If you are new to Fulton County Schools and need a device or you are a current FCS student who does not have a device but wants one

    • Device pick-up is by appointment only. Appointments (15-minutes) will be scheduled on either 

      Tuesday, August 11 (8:00 am – 2:00 pm) 
      Thursday, August 13 (10:00 am – 3:00 pm)

    • When you come to the school at your designated time, you will enter the parking lot from Cogburn Road and follow the signs that will lead you to the bus lane. For more information, see the drive-through diagram below.
    • You will need to have your student(s) name largely written on a piece of paper and place on the front windshield on the passenger side so we can see it when you drive up. Please make sure you wear a mask.
    • Stay in your car and we will come to you. You will receive a User Device Acceptance formlogin instructions, and the device that is checked out to the student. 
    • After receiving your device, you may move to a designated parking spot, turn on the device, and log in to ensure it is functioning properly. If there are no problems and you do not have questions, you are free to leave.  If there are any questions or problems, you can drive back into the bus lane, and a staff member will assist you.

    Sign up to receive and FCS Device

    If you have questions regarding the distribution of devices, please email:
    Laura Morgan at, or
    Karen Thimsen at


    Device Drive Thru

Device Technical Checks

  • Preparing Your Device for Back to School

    To ensure your device is ready for Back to School, you can perform these technical checks on your device to ensure it runs more efficiently. 

    1. Log in using your FCS ID and current password from Spring 2020.   
    2. Restart your device.  (Click on the Windows icon* on the left-hand bottom corner.  Click on the Power icon*.  Select Restart.)
    3. Run Microsoft updates (Click on Windows icon on the left-hand bottom corner.  Click on Gear icon*.  Choose “Update & Security.”  Choose “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update.”  Leave the device on for 30 minutes.  After updates have been completed, Restart device when given the option.)
    4. Shut down device using the Power icon and selecting “Shut Down.” 

    If you identify a problem with your FCS-issued device, including forgotten password, no access to your account, or device malfunction, contact the Remote Hotline at 470-254-2300, option 8.