Legislative Affairs

  • The Fulton County Board of Education believes that the legislative process can be a vital tool in providing a high quality education for all students. To that end, the school district closely monitors state and federal issues that have an impact on policies and programs that affect Fulton County Schools.


    2019 Legislative and Policy Priorities

    Click here to download a printable PDF version of the 2019 Legislative and Policy Priorities

    The Fulton County Board of Education is committed to the vision that all students will learn to their full potential. To meet this vision, we petition the Fulton Legislative Delegation, the General Assembly, and the Governor to address school safety concerns, educational funding, and local control issues during the 2019 legislative session. We ask lawmakers to consider the following recommendations.

    School Safety and Security

    Fulton County Schools regards the safety of students and teachers as its primary responsibility. We strongly recommend that the legislature supports a move to amend O.C.G.A. 21-2-266 by providing that the decision on the use of school facilities for elections falls exclusively within the control of the local board of education.

    Fiscal Management

    Fulton County Schools supports any legislation that safeguards the revenue sources that enable our students to graduate and succeed on their chosen paths, and allows for effective stewardship of local, state, and federal funds. Legislation should be introduced that amends Article IX, Section V, Paragraph V of the Constitution to allow that temporary loans for governing authorities be payable on or before twelve months from the date of the loan.

    Funding Levels

    Fulton County Schools supports fully funding K-12 education with a funding formula that prioritizes and promotes equity for all students. We believe any new formula should appropriately identify and adequately fund economically disadvantaged students. Annexation Prior to any annexation, Fulton County Schools requests that school districts be given advance notice, an opportunity to share an impact statement, and the ability to object to the annexation.

    Teacher and Leader Evaluations

    Fulton County Schools strongly advocates for a state teacher and leader evaluation system that completely decouples test scores as an indicator in identifying effective teachers and leaders. Equal